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top 7 chrome extension of 2023

In daily usage, we use our browser for a long time without knowing the extension that makes our time saver. The best updated Chrome extensions to rank on the Google search engine will be there in the Chrome extension store. Without using the shortcut in browsing that makes you may consume more time browsing and get tired and go to sleep.

To overcome the problem the creator has developed the Chrome extension update which you can download many Chrome extensions for free in the Chrome extension store.

It will be so easy to use while browsing on the browser. Now I am sharing with you the best and top updated Chrome extensions in 2023.

Now Microsoft Edge also allows the Chrome extension on the Edge browser. So, you can easily get it and have benefits from it. Now let us see the updated Chrome extension in 2023.

Top 7 Update Chrome Extensions In 2023

  1. Dashlane
  2. Adguard
  3. McAfee web boost
  4. Text Blaze
  5. Whatsapp Blur
  6. Buyhatke
  7. I Dont Care About Cookies

Chrome Extension Dashlane

In the internet world, many hackers are stealing our passwords for their use. But it is our responsibility to safeguard our passwords in a good way with a strong password and two-step verification. First, you need to safeguard your Gmail because many of them realize this after hacking only.

Gmail is the only thing that can get access to many applications, channels, and social media. So it’s more important to put a strong password with two-step verification. If you need more safety means you can go for Google authenticator.


Coming to the point this Chrome extension dashlane is the tool that makes your sign-in process very quick. For that, you should pre-loaded your site user name details and password details in the dashlane account.

After done your work. When you go to the preloaded website login page this Chrome extension dashlane will sign in automatically. This will save a lot of time and you can browse well in flow.

Adguard DNS

The ads are also the thing that makes your browsing speed low. Because Ads want to load quickly so they consume more internet which makes the user get bored.

adguard for chrome

When you use this Adguard DNS you will block all ads on websites and you can read your article in a smoother way. This updated Chrome extension is the older ad guard now the extension is simple and catches design all can understand easily to use.

No need to signup it’s very simple to use and the important thing is to enable phishing and malware protection. This will make you safeguard from phishing sites.

Mcafee Protection Web Boost

This Mcafee extension will help you to stop unwanted autoplay videos while browsing on the internet and it saves your internet data. I will share how to install it.

mcafee antivirus for web and auto play videos off

No login is required for using the Chrome extension update your gmail to sign In. Get it on the google chrome store and set up which site you don’t need to auto-play videos. finish. Now you will see no video will play automatically this extension will stop the video.

Text Blaze Chrome Extension

Normally we will hesitate the same thing, again and again, it’s true, right? Don’t worry you have a shortcut extension that makes your typing work easier than typing long.

This extension is easy to use and we need to load our command and shortcut key to this software when we type the shortcut key it will elaborate the command that we preloaded in their software.

chrome extensionText blaze extension

To do it you need to log in to the text blaze chrome extension update your account and then load the command and shortcut which you can set up in the text blaze dashboard.

After setting up the process it is over. Whenever you need to elaborate the command in the browser you just put the shortcut command and give space or enter it will elaborate as in preloaded in your text blaze account dashboard.

Privacy Guard For Whatsapp

Whatsapp can be used on multiple platforms like mobiles, tablets, pc, and laptops. But when we use WhatsApp on laptops or pc by WhatsApp web means others can see our chat normally.

If you need privacy means you can get the privacy guard for Whatsapp on the laptop to hide or blur your chats, profile pictures, and media files too.

update chrome extension

It’s a simple process to use just go to the Chrome extension web store and get this extension and setup with your preferred settings.

Now your problem has been solved. On the website, there are some other extensions for hiding whatsapp online status. But while using that one time on the lap you cant disable it. For that, you need to reinstall the extension.

Price Tracker Tool For Amazon

In this Keepa tool, you can track the product price in the past months and years. With this keepa tool, you can analyze the product price range which we can get at low prices in offers.

You can also put a tracker on products for buying with the help of the keepa chrome extension. When the product price comes to your price limit. This tool will push notifications on your screen. By that time you can place an order for that product at a low price.

update chrome extensions

This installation process is very simple just go to the Chrome extension store and install the keepa extension and then go to Amazon you will show a small box on the bottom. Then find the lowest price sold and then enter the target amount and click start tracking.

The keepa chrome extension update can be easily seen in this way also. Also, set the tracker this way and place the order from Amazon.

I Dont Care About Cookies

When you are in browsing there are major faces such as keeping entering ok or canceling the cookies notification. Many websites make cookies notification to increase the visitor loading speed of their website.

Because when you click ok the cookies will store on your device and afterward when you enter the same site means the cookies work to load speed to give a quick result.

update chrome extensions

You need to just install it and your work is done. I don’t care about cookies will click ok or cancel according to the site’s policies. You do not need to click on it and the cookies notification is also will not appear on our screen. It will do the work in the background process.

My Recommendation

When you are trying these extensions you can save more time and make the process cool. But the thing you should understand by adding more stuff extensions also slows down the Chrome browser so make sure to use whatever extension you need. If you are a blogger you need to have some useful blogging extensions and if you are a normal person this extension will help you in some ways.

If you are using Mac laptops means no issues it will carry the performance to the max and give the output which we expect. Whether you are a Windows user you should think about it. Sorry windows lovers I need to tell the truth right? Compared to Windows and Mac always Mac will give you the best performance in productivity.

Windows is now upgrading will see and these windows will help to improve the gaming performance. So make sure a small extension is also a matter to slow down your work. Keep knowing a new thing with us.

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