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YouTube is the most widespread platform where anyone can earn more online. If you have a YouTube channel you can earn 8 ways to increase YouTube earnings like highest earning YouTubers.

Now let us know the methods which can earn money from your YouTube channel. These methods are followed by the top earner on YouTube. So, read carefully and don’t miss your opportunity to earn more earnings with your channel. Many channels are inspired and proceed to get their name among the highest-earning YouTubers.

Nowadays there are more YouTubers so we should work smart in this field to get monetize your channel. The keywords and some strategies are also important to gain subscribers. I wrote an article about it if you need to go through it.

So, when we work smart then only, we can get on the right track with the audience. Which content there are liked from you? Go with one-by-one category niches so that you can know which niche will suit you perfectly by seeing google analytics.

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The 8 Ways to Increase YouTube Earnings

Now let us see the 8 methods that can increase your YouTube earnings.

YouTube Creator Studio

This Creator studio is also called a YouTube partner program because in this YouTube creator studio only we can access our channel to monetize details of our videos. In this tab only we can enable our YouTube earnings through the AdSense program.

How to Join the YouTube partner program

In this way, anybody can join their program, but the only need is we have to create a channel before doing this process. I will give you step by step process which could be easy to understand because there are some new YouTubers also right.

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel account and tap on your logo icon.
  2. Then go to YouTube studio.
  3. After that, you can see the monetization tab on the left side click on it.
  4. It comes with the pop-up agreement click on agree.
  5. Then if you have a Google AdSense account before means sign into your account or create a new account.
  6. Setup with your monetization preference.
  7. After applying to Google AdSense. When they approved your channel means you will come with a confirmation email that AdSense successfully

Why I am telling you this means YouTube there are some rules or YouTube partner program guidelines. When we create content with these guidelines then only, we can get AdSense approved. There are some requirements from YouTube for creators that I have mentioned below.

Guidelines For YouTube Partner Program

You can apply only after reaching 1000 subscribers with 4000 watch hours. This 4000 hour is simple I will tell you the easy way to reach it. In your place, there are some functions or party will conduct or some interesting cinema news you can get it. Shoot that as a video and put it on your channel with good keyword research.

When the keywords are worth it will push to the first page of YouTube. Why I told you to put this type of video means it will gain some subscribers and watch hours easily.

how much money do youtubers make

Then the important thing has after uploaded that video and got views don’t delete it give it some time and in that time, you need to gain watch hours with good content uploads. After reaching some thousands of views means that time deletes that cinema video from your channel so that the watch hours will remain and also its original content also.

There will be no copyright or no other problem with this method. It is a true and correct way to get approval in a short time.

Requirements for AdSense

  • You need to gain 4000 watch hours.
  • Need 1000 subscribers to get approval.
  • Your AdSense should be linked to your channel.

By reaching these requirements you are ready to give an approval request from your channel.

Affiliate Marketing by YouTube

Affiliate marketing also gives you a separate income with the help of your YouTube channel. Then how to do it let us see.

  1. First, you need to select the products that are related to your niche. Because your subscribers are subscribed to you for your niche content only.
  2. To get the affiliate link you should sign into their partner program which is mostly free and then you can get the link to share and get the commission.
  3. Those links can be shared in your video description box. When anyone touches the link and buys the product you will get the commissions.

In this way, you can easily earn some money to increase YouTube earnings and most of the highest earning youtuber channels are earning more than YouTube revenue. This is the power of affiliate networks.

youtube earnings

Create a Video for Brand

In this method, you will create a video or shorts for brand products that they send to you for free. But this brand’s approach will be get after reaching 1 lakh subscribers only. Many brands will pay lakhs for promoting their products in your channel.

Sell Your Products on YouTube

You can create a product that can be made on your channel as a brand like a t-shirt or something else. It will also increase your YouTube earnings. Create a poll or quiz or some giveaway for this then give your brand product of yours as a gift.

They will use and that makes you act as an offline promotion. The giveaway way will work great for all beginners who uploaded good content. No need to have a large number of subscribers to do this. Content is always king.

Create your brand and establish your brand by sending or gifting the subscribers you choose.

Get Your Subscribers Gift

There are some ways to earn money from your subscribers there are YouTube premium, Super Thanks, and Super Chats. These are three ways your subscribers can gift for you. Popular highest earning YouTubers will earn easily some amount in this way while living. It’s also a way to gain subscribers and get a good relationship with them online.

Crowd Funding

In this method your idea makes money. If your project idea is good, you can raise money from your subscribers If there are also interested to give and help you it’s done. But you need to give the assurance of your success to them.

There are some of the popular crowdfunding platforms I have listed below.

  1. Kickstarter
  2. Indiegog
  3. CircleUp
  4. GoFundMe

You can share your products or idea on these platforms to raid funds.

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License Your Content

You can also license your content which means if any video is copied from your channel you let to know in creator studio itself in that section there is an option for sharing the revenue.

This means when your video gets more views on that time the revenue for that current copied video will be shared with an owner in this case it is you. In this way, you can get revenue shared with original creators.

Many of the highest-earning YouTubers will license their content for their brand safety purposes. You can also do it.


In this article, you know about how many ways to increase YouTube earnings to reach the highest earning YouTubers. This will make you make more money online. I hope this article would help you if you faced any doubts leave me a comment I will reply soon as possible.

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