Top 5 Secrets of Amazon All Should Know

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Hey welcome to my blog I know what you are here I will make you feel happy when you read this article fully. Now we are here to secret of Amazon. Don’t worry you will get the all secret detail hidden in it.

On Amazon, there are plenty of products listed but we know to see the commission rate of which product is giving a high percentage. Here amazon associate gives the list of categories and their commissions. So, the secret of amazon is to Select the high-commission product that only makes you earn more in fewer sales.

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Earn from Amazon

In Amazon, there are a few steps only to create an Amazon associate account. Only you need an Amazon account or email to sign up process. I will tell you the steps to create an Amazon affiliate network now.

  1. Go to the Amazon website and sign up with your email.
  2. After signing up scroll down to the bottom there will become an affiliate option select it.
  3. Then give your details and complete the sign-up process.
  4. Go to your mail if it asks for confirmation. Then go to account settings and select the change payment method and fill in your bank details.
  5. Then give your “tax id” to change your tax information. Finished your Amazon account is created.

This is the process of creating an Amazon associate account. I have shortened why because it’s a basic thing and I need to share the whole secret of Amazon for that reason only I have shortened this. Now let us see the things to earn more on Amazon.

Amazon Marketing Associate Important Rules

There are some Amazon marketing associate rules while you do affiliate marketing. So you need to know them then only we can do in the proper way to maximize our earnings.

  1. You should not shorten affiliates like the one given by Amazon on third-party sites. If you want a short link you can get the link in Amazon Stripe.
  2. Do not share affiliate links on whatsapp and other messaging platforms. You can use the telegram group to share your links.
  3. You should link website information on account settings. After linking your site or application only you can get the commission.
  4. Set up the payment method so that when it reaches a certain amount amazon will directly send it to your bank account.

These are the rules you should follow to do Amazon. You can also create a unique URL from Amazon with your brand name. For that, you need to signup for the Amazon influencer program.

The secret of Amazon Influencer Programm

When you need a customized Amazon affiliate link you need to sign up Amazon influencer programm. After signing up you can create your own page on Amazon and list your affiliate products listed on the Amazon store.

Amazon-Cookies Duration

You can share this page URL with anyone so that when they came to your Amazon page and purchase you will get commissions. The cookie’s duration is 24 hours. If they purchased between this time you will get the commission of that product.

You can see the amount credited in the Amazon affiliate dashboard. Amazon influencer programm will increase your brand value when you give your official Amazon page link. So make use of it to earn more.

90 Days Cookies (Add To Cart)

In this, we are getting another benefit if your visitors came to purchase only one product when they reach your Amazon site they may order another product also. If they add products to their cart also we will get a commission if they purchase within 90 days. You can also take the affiliate link in Amazon mobile app Url in the associate link,

Build a Commercial Website

When you are doing marketing there is an important thing we should have a website where you can get high sales. The building site is very easy and it’s absolutely free.

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I have posted an article on how to create a website and get the email leads to retarget them for another product. When you create email automation only you will earn more from affiliates.

Know my secret of amazon so, I want to tell you one more thing if you are experienced in doing this type of affiliate marketing means please jump to high-ticket products that will make you a huge amount of revenue for fewer sales. My suggestion is this so think over it.

If you want the high ticket products without competition leave me a comment below I will post an article soon for you.

Secrets of Amazon Offer

After creating your telegram group and a website you need to post a review for some products or upload the offers going on on Amazon. So we should see the products which have more offer so that people also will buy easily you can also get commission soon.

So we need to find that type of product for that there is a way to find it come let us see it.

  1. Go to Amazon and search for clip coupons. They will be listed many coupons you can promote those products with coupons.
  2. The second one is to search for Amazon outlet store clearance there will be plenty of products to promote with the offer.
  3. The last thing is to search for the product you want and after that give this formula &pct-off=50-90 at the end of the URL and see if there will be 50-90% discount products.
  4. Use the price tracker and set the product in that to get an alert. By doing this you can know the product has discounts and get to promote it at the right time.
  5. Add top products to your cart it gives you notifications when it comes to discount prices.

Amazon Mobile App Url

When your account is opened in the Amazon app make sure while you share the product links. You will show two options one is copying the associated link and the other is a non-associated link.

While you share the product in a normal way or for whatsapp with your friend means to select the second one. If you going to link the affiliate site with this link means take the 1st link on Amazon mobile app URL.

Final Thought

In this way, you can get the products and know the discount price at the right time which will make you know the secret easily. I hope this article will help you to get earnings If you have any doubt leave me a comment below I will reply to you as soon as possible.


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