The Power of Visuals on Your Lead Generation Landing Page

Lead Generation Landing Page

Oh my god, I have to attend one party invited by my friend Sruthi. She is an affiliate marketer and my teacher too. Haha yes, She only thought me to earn money on affiliate marketing and create a lead generation landing page.

Wait I have not told you about my journey. Know about me and what I’m doing right now in my life. I’m a Vimal affiliate marketer and teaching many students what I have learned till now and making them earn online easily.

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Leads Generation

In this article, I will share with you how to build a lead generation landing page and the mistakes we should not do while creating it. Before that, we should know the mistakes that we should not do while creating them.

Lead Generation Landing Page Concepts

We should know what is the main purpose of creating lead-generation landing pages. For that, You should know the below points.

  1. We are creating landing pages to convert into conversions.
  2. In this method, people will realize the value of the brand and us.
  3. It is a one-time process that can give a lot of money passively.

So don’t think it is just a landing page we can create normally. If you create your landing page normally you will not get any conversions. Visitors will just pass away to the next site.

Don’t force your visitors to click on your link solve their problems with your words in the title and description automatically you will see the results.

Do proper research and make your landing page crispy make to convert into a sale. There are some important things you should know while creating landing pages

  • First, you need the title and keywords. Keywords are very important because it only helps you to rank the page on Google. Do keyword research and place sub-keywords in your paragraph or descriptions.
  • The title is the most thing that will be seen first on your page so create a convertible headline title that will make you convert sales. If you don’t know to create it. Go to the Best Seo Headline Creator and create it.

Step To Create Headlines

  1. Do keyword research and take that main keyword.
  2. Past it on the headline generator, and it will give you SEO headlines.
  3. Pick up the right one suitable for you and test the headline score on Sharethrough.
  4. Make small corrections by eliminating the common words like is, was, and the.

Leads Generation

In this way, you can create the best headline for your lead generation page. After this process, keep in mind that content should not be generated in Ai generation like chat gpt for AdSense.

Now we are using systeme for affiliate marketing so we can use them but don’t connect your site to AdSense. I will not suggest many Ai tools comes in the future also. Because Google is the head of all technology on the internet. So don’t make that mistake.

Systeme Io Landing Page Creation

First, sign up on the systeme io website. Don’t worry it’s having a free plan and for beginners, you can join it free and after making a sale you can upgrade it with that money itself.

The account is free but there are some limitations. But the real thing it is not a problem to convert a sale. You can get a minimum of 10 sales with this free account itself. That is why the systeme io landing page consistently stays on top ranking to get email leads.

To know the secrets and how-to of affiliate funnels to make conversions see this video.

lead generation secrects

Leads GenerationNew Lead Strategy

There are the best and top 7 lead generation strategies that you should know before.

  1. Testimonials from your students or customers should be in video format.
  2. Create your own online community.
  3. Create your own online course and make offers in it.
  4. Do email marketing on existing contacts.
  5. TikTok marketing and social marketing.
  6. Give Free stuff like E-books to them.
  7. Landing Page.

These are the seven top methods to convert into sales. If you are creating your own landing page you need the best hosting service that should handle everything in the background. Let us see it simply with a clear explanation.


This is the very huge thing to gain our customer’s belief. When your customer believes in you they will purchase what you suggested make sure that products should be trusted and legit. Then only you should promote those products.

Testimonial Video Production

Tell them to record the video that should be in one format. That is first they want to tell the problem they faced and then only they should talk about the product and how it helps them a lot.

If some people tell thank you for your brand name or your name pick that video for the testimonial list. It will work well.

Online Community

Building your own online community will help you to promote your other product and it also gives you new leads fast when you make it in an attractive and proper way.

So build space on Quora, and Groups on Facebook, Do Pinterest pins, and post a minimum of 3 pins in one week. This will make to get leads very easily and organically.

Own Course

Learn something like blogging, affiliate marketing, Social media management, and Facebook leads. This is the niche you can also create and sell online really it gonna work very well many peoples are earning in this way.

So make an try your try will make your future bright. All the best from my side.

Leads Generation landing

Managed Email Marketing

After getting the leads you can retarget the visitors to make conversions. Don’t put spam titles do it in a legit way that will make you make $100 a day with paypal.

TikTok Marketing

While doing video marketing you can get more leads why because they are seeing in a few seconds or minutes only at the same time. TikTok will suggest the video for those who are willing to see that type of topic.

So, it will make you get a lead on video marketing. You can also do youtube video promotion to get valid leads.

Special Price For You

Offer some free stuff that they want it. It should be valuable to them and insert your affiliate products link on that E-book.

Landing Page

At last, you should create a landing page when it needs to give details of that product. If you are promoting your course you should create your own landing page and make a valuable description that can make conversions and get leads.


You can know how to create a lead-generation landing page with these important things. When you follow up on these you will get valid leads that can be used for other products also.

I am making on this way and earning more with the system. Being the starter of today it is completely free that was help me in my beginning stage. Use the basic free plan and earn now.

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