The Best Themes and Plugins for Bluehost WordPress Multisite

bluehost wordpress multisite

My friend bought a mobile phone on school days and continuously learns how people make money online. After some research, she found a way to create a blog, and earn for that she choose Bluehost WordPress Multisite.

I asked her why you are choosing this she explained to me. I researched for 2 days and at last, I decided to buy Bluehost for my blog. Suddenly I have doubts again I asked her what you have seen in this Bluehost compared to another web hosting service.

She gave her mobile to see an article on the WordPress official site they mentioned that Bluehost is the best web hosting and I read it fully. Really I’m impressed with Bluehost. Then I asked her to teach me what is blogging and how to do it and earn more.

Now what I learn till now I will share with you how to choose the web hosting service. Then only your site will perform well on the internet. Also, I will share with you the best themes and plugins for Bluehost WordPress multisite.

Bluehost Free Trial

10 Factors Should Have Exclusive Hosting

On the website hosting service, there are some factors or some important things that should be noticed. If these factors are applicable to that service provider that is the best one.

Marketing Offers Bluehost WordPress Multisite

Now I have taken the best two web hosting providers in the affordable market and anyone can buy their service. The two web hosting platform is Hostinger and Bluehost.

We need to see the cost difference first between these two hosting plans. Because one will offer with low price compared to another site. So compare both site plans with price details where the features I mentioned below in the following points.

Bluehost Free Trial and Hostinger

When choosing the plan you should select the plan which suits your requirements. For example, If you are choosing the basic plan means you can create only one website with one free domain only. On another side, if you choose plus or starter plan you can get an unlimited website plan.

This means you can create an unlimited website in Bluehost plans. In Hostinger they give 100 website limits. But in Bluehost, you can create unlimited sites. Remember the storage of the plan while creating unlimited sites.

SSD Long-Term Storage

Talking about the storage you should see the SSD long-term storage and how much these sites offer to the planed you choose. One site will give 40gb SSD and another one will give 100gb SSD storage. This storage is used to save the plugins and media files you used on your website

Remember that use light images below 50 kb. If you do this type of customized image means your site will load fast and rank fast on Google.

Bluehost Free Trial

If you plan to create unlimited or more than 2 sites means go for a 100 gb SSD storage plan. When you chose SSD long-term storage. It will help you a lot.

WordPress Domain Renewal

Then you want to see the domain options given by them. In both web hosting providers there is only one free domain in the starter and plus plan in Hostinger and Bluehost.

We can use one free domain for the 1st year of purchase and in the next following years, you should renew the domain and hosting. Don’t buy monthly plans they will not give a free domain. Always purchase hosting with a free domain for a minimum of 12 months.

In Hostinger there is a single WordPress plan they are not offering a free domain. You can go for the WordPress starter plan in that plan you will get the free domain.

WPengine Subdomain

The subdomain is very useful to make a professional site. For example, if you create a support page you can customize the URL as by this way your visitors will know you have brand value so they connect with you always.

You can also make a demo site if you want it. Then you can also create a product visual site that will help you to make a sale. You can use elementor pro to make your site more attractive.

WPengine Subdomain

In Bluehost, there are offering unlimited subdomains but in Hostinger there are giving only 11 subdomains. These both will offer in the yearly plan only so go for it.

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Professional Email Subdomain

Coming to email these two brands will offer to create professional emails like Through this, you can create It for your business proposals and uses. The important thing we should notice that how many email web hosters offer to us.

Likewise Hostinger there are offering 100 professional emails and on the other side, and Bluehost is offering unlimited emails. You can choose Bluehost in this.

While choosing it knows the value of professional emails. It will increase your brand value and many sites are asking for professional email IDs only. If you are doing or planning to do affiliate marketing cent percent I will suggest this to you.

SSL Encryption Certification

On our website, SSL is one of the most important ones because some of them will not buy it and after some time their website will be hacked. To avoid these problems we are getting an SSL certificate.

Don’t worry you can get it free while purchasing hosting in both Hostinger and Bluehost. After connecting SSL to your site you can notice near the URL there will be a lock symbol.

Encryption Certification

Is SSL Certificate For Subdomain Available

In the Hostinger subdomain, they will not offer you SSL. But in Bluehost WordPress multisite, there will give SSL for your all domains. That’s why Bluehost WordPress multisite is leading the market.

WordPress Installation Services

You can install WordPress easily after purchasing your hosting. Go to your host provider site and just click Install WordPress. Finish, the process is the same in both Bluehost and Hostinger.

Performance Manager Reviews

Talking about the performance it is the most valuable thing because when the visitors visit our site they should open it within 7 – 13 seconds. Then only visitors stay on your site otherwise they will jump over to another site.

So it is the most important thing to notice. But in my practical test, I got the best result in Bluehost. Yes, Compared to Hostinger Bluehost is performing 100% results but Hostinger is performing 99% results only.

Don’t think it’s only one percentage even a 0.01 percentage will rank your site on googles first page. So don’t compromise on this.

Blu Hosting and Hostinger Renewal

At last, we came to renewal cost. Hostinger renewal cost is less than Blu hosting but in this only people will believe Hostinger is giving the best service. The truth is not the price it’s all in service right?


In that way, Bluehost is a little higher than Hostinger but the best and most suitable one for our website is Bluehost. I have practically worked on both web hosting providers I get the best result in Bluehost where I got more revenue with my sites.


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