What is a Telegram App Bot and How to Create It in Easy Way

telegram app bot

Many people don’t know what is a Telegram App Bot. Telegram is the most popular app, especially in India. This app is launched on August 14, 2013, as social media application but now it came with many new features, particularly its security.

We must know the security of this app is fantastic no malicious activity will be performed easily compared to the other apps.

Benefits Of Telegram Bots

The benefit of telegram bots is many things but they can’t tell all in one post so I have short-listed the important thing that will make you get the telegram bot is very much useful for all people where there is no channel or group.

Yes, By the true caller telegram bot, we can ask who is this or who called me by entering the mobile number to find who called you. The most simple way to get to know who has called you.

You may ask why this bot is so important the truth is you should not load unwanted apps that have been banned in many countries like India and some places. Truecaller is a good application only when you gave permission at the right time.

So, What should do now instead of using true caller use the true caller telegram bot both are the same and give the same results to find who called you.

Time-saving: Automate repetitive tasks

When you use telegram bots it will save more time to redirect customers or students what you offering and also you can set up a telegram bot as an assistant so that it will guide your channel members on what to do next.

what is telegram app

Why Should You Use Telegram Bots?

For many reasons and purposes, people are using telegram bots that can make their channel members give any task or suggestion that they want.

For example, you have a movie channel in telegram which many of them have so It will make you understand clearly.

When we enter that channel and ask for some movie link the reply will come in a second How? It’s a telegram bot that has been created by the admin. This way telegram bots have been created Don’t worry I will tell you how to create a telegram bot in step by step process.

Types of Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are classified into several types I will list them they may be very useful for you so bookmark this page so that you can see them whenever you need them.

There are some types of telegram bots where there are separated by their niche base. So, I will list here the suitable niche.

  1. Personal Assistant Bots – IFTTbot & Skeddybot
  2. News Bot – NewsAggregatorsbot
  3. Gaming Bots – GameeAppBot & Triviabot

what is the telegram app used for

Personal Assistant Bots

These personal assistant bots will do scheduling the task, and Notification and give a specific result that the user need.

News Bot

The news bots are used for setup the event notifications but the main purpose of this bot is used for uploading news from the external source to your telegram channel.

Gaming Bots

This gaming bot will help channel members to play games in telegram itself as I have mentioned above.

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How to Create a Telegram Bot

Creating your own telegram bot is a great thing to do your job in automation.

So, If you have a channel you should create your own telegram bot that will make you a brand when the visitors notice the name of the bot.

Now let us see the basic thing should have before creating a bot. First, you should create an account on your brand name and then a channel. It’s time to create your own bot.

what is telegram app used for

Steps for Building Your Own Telegram Bot

There are very simple steps to create your own bot in 5 minutes.


Popular Telegram Bots

There are many popular bots but now I have picked up some important and useful bots that can be useful for freshers in creating a bot you are a blogger this may help you the most.

PollBot – This bot helps to create a pole and know the priority of the group members to the option you posted.

Youtubebot – This bot helps to search youtube videos inside the telegram itself.

IMDBBot– Get the tv show information with ratings.

AlertBot – Alert when the cryptocurrency falls down or gets up and also for the stock market. It’s very useful for traders who can take a rest by going somewhere else instead of sitting always on their Pc.

There are plenty of bots in Telegram so search over it in your Telegram you will get it

there is an easy way to get the Telegram bot list comment below I will send you the Telegram bot list with a description (of what they do).


In this article, you can know about the importance of a telegram app bot and how to create a telegram app bot in an easy way. This will make your channel 2x more views to your youtube channel or blogs.

I will suggest you know the best way to increase your views by selecting the right keyword for the title of your blog or youtube videos to rank on Google’s 1st page.

I hope in this blog you may know the important bots and where to go to create a telegram bot. If you have any doubts feel free to comment below I will reply soon as possible.

Why Telegram Bots are Worth Exploring

Telegram bots are worth exploring because they will reduce our job. Actually, we have to spend one time to create a bot for our own channel but the thing this bot will work for a long time, and 24/7 it will do the work that we have assigned to it.

We can’t be online always instead of us this bot will deliver the message or offers what we pre-assigned to the bot.

If you have not got the point or if you need to create a bot and don’t know how to assign it.

Please comment below I will post an article separately in detail and with an important bot list with descriptions.

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