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Oh my god, I have one friend whose name is sharu she is doing online work and always tells me to do that but I have not been interested in that one day she shops canva tools and earns lakhs of dollars with it.

I asked her and she replied you could also make this earning with canva for that I will teach you the basics and then we can do pro work and time She helps me till I learn pro-level work in one week.

Shop Canva

Now I have curiosity when I earn from canva and I earn in 3 months with her help. I have created a youtube channel and taught how to design canva templates and sell on the internet with all guidelines. But she told me after some days you can create your own site and publish your template on that and it can give you more money by selling on your site.

I thought it was a good idea I will only do it soon. Now I’m here to teach you how to use canva and shop canva pro at least price. It will help you a lot. With this pro version of canva, you can create your brand color and access all pro templates.

Canva Design Instructions

Now let us see how to create canvas images and videos. For creating canva images you need to select the platform which you want to create for example if you are creating an image for Facebook you need to select the Facebook cover or Facebook logo which you want.

Another choice is to create a custom size image by accessing the right side corner you can see the custom option select it and give the resolution you want. These steps are the same for video creation.

After selecting the resolution or platform now you can select the template which you want in the left panel. You can access royalty-free images, and videos, and can add the graphics element, stickers, etc.

I want to share the design instructions while creating you can group the element which you can drag and at the same time select the elements by long pressing the shift key and selecting the elements.

Can I Use the Canva Logos For My Official Business

Many people doubt, how can I use the canva logo for my official business and how to create it. Now we can see how I will create my logo on canva.

Before going to that you can have a free version or the pro version Both are fine for creating logos but in the pro version some additional elements will be unlocked and that will make us customize more on our logo design more.

How to create a logo on canva

Many of them don’t know that canva Pro is available for the least cost itself we can use it for our purpose. Coming to the logo creation process open canva and select the resolution which you need.

Then first you need to select the theme background color suitable for your website or what purpose your selection is. There is a color phycology in business you must know the colors and then create the logo design that will make a huge difference in your business.

After selecting the theme background Import the graphics element and frames that are useful for your logo letter or design. Then make your brand text with effects and this time the pro version will help you a lot with text, templates, pictures, and videos.

How to change the text to an image on canva

You can now change the text to an image on canva very easy way. Just go to canva and select the resolution you want to create and then you can see the option called apps in the left side panel. Click on it and at the top, you get the text-to-image option.

You should give the text on the text box and click Create your image. Canva Pro will create an image relevant to the title. You can create a style of the image below the text box and click Create again.

Canva Onboarding Template And Create New One

You can create a canva template and sell it to your clients. You should follow the canva guideline which is told in canva policy. The below video will help you to create a canva template very easily don’t miss it. Watch it fully to earn with canva.

Reminding the one to you you should not sell the onboarding template that canva inbuilt with their site. Create a new one and then you can sell that template to anyone.

In this video, you can clearly know how to create a canva template and sell it. Make use of it and earn with it. After creating the website if you create a youtube video or blog website you can promote your youtube video so that you can get redirected to your site and earn.

Organic Youtube Promotion

While doing youtube promoting there are two ways to gain more visitors one is ads and another one is youtube shorts. Create attractive shorts. Nowadays shorts are getting more viral and getting more visitors too. Do both methods it will help you a lot.

There are some methods to get more views on youtube that top YouTubers follow. Learn it and that will make your channel attain more subscribers in a short time.

Shop Canva Pro In Offer Price

You can see that canva Pro is priced at $12.99 per month and for an annual plan, it costs about 119.99$ which is a huge amount for this only one tool. I will share the website which offers more than 15 tools on a low budget.

You can buy it and access the tools like ahref, semrush, shop canva pro, kwfinder, and more. Try it for the least price don’t lose your money. This seotooladda is the best site that offers a set of SEO tools that is more useful for beginners.



In this article, you have learned about how to create a canva template and how to get canva pro at a low cost. But everything will have pros and cons right? In this way here I’m giving the pros and cons.


When we purchased tools from seotooladda this is the best offer we get. Low price with our requirements fulfilled with this tool. You can access many tools which are given in a combo it will cost more than 200$. In this way, we can get all tool access at a low cost itself.


There are some limitations in some tools like ahref, and semrush. We can’t use some features that can be accessed in this but the thing we should notice is that the job for keyword research with all options is completely unlimited. I have been using it for more than 3 years.

My Words

Now it is clear it’s worth buying for the least price. Many bloggers, YouTubers, and small businesses are with canva. They can easily shop canva pro and use it instantly in a few seconds and earn with it. I hope you love this article if you have to thank me just comment down canva pro that will make me happy.

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