Seo Pro Extension For Chrome Top 10 For Free

How to blog

Many bloggers will suffer while creating a post for their websites. Some of them came newbies to blogging they are studying and updating themselves. The real thing to save time while at work is the free SEO pro extension for Chrome or your browser.

While using some extensions for analyzing content and creating posts it will make your job half the way easier to get an idea to finish the content in time.

With these free SEO pro extensions for Chrome, I have to create posts in a short time and make many posts in a day. I will share my secret of what extension I’m using and how I create posts with good keyword ranks and make more money.

First, we will see the steps to create a post or an article for a blog in simple steps.

Step By Step Process To Create An Article

  1. Topic research
  2. Analysis the keywords
  3. Find the competitors
  4. Write your content
  5. Image SEO
  6. Link building
  7. Outbound links
  8. Final check to publish

Seo Pro Extension For Chrome Top 10 For Free

Topic To Talk About

First, you need to select the topic based on your niche. For that, you go through your competitor’s article and gather a detailed report of what they used in H1 and H2 tags. What theme has been used to cover the readers?

After the correct analysis, you need to put the blueprint of the topic that you should write to cover your followers. This process is for beginners not for pros.

Beginners only have a small struggle while starting and can’t get the correct way. By doing my steps you will achieve the result soon if you implement it in the correct way.

Analysis The Keywords

The keywords are the only thing that helps you to know your site to your audience. It is a bridge between you and your visitors. You can use the Uber Suggest tool for your keyword research.

In Uber suggest you can get the competition and keyword volume, CPC, PD, SD, etc. In this tool, we can separate the selected keywords to list and download them in one file.

Uber suggests tool pricing is cheaper than other tools. Do you need a more cheapest price for one month? It is there.

Toolszen for Uber suggest

This toolszen platform gives you more tools and combos at less price itself. You will get this Uber suggestion tool for just 150rs in Indian money. So, make use of it.

I have given you the best tool for keyword research which you can buy on toolszen.

How to find the right keywords

While you doing keyword research you should think over my point

  • First, type the relevant keyword, and then you will search for low competition with high-volume keywords. But, you should not do that. I will tell you the trick go and you will know the changes in your revenue.
  • After entering the searchable keyword first you need to go to the CPC section and change high to low CPC sorting. Now you will get the high CPC keywords in the top list. See the range for example if the keyword is between 50 to 80 CPC means to go to filter and put min range to 50 max to 80 then the result will appear.
  • Now change the sorting from high to low in the volume section. Dam finish, Now you will get the high volume with a high CPC keyword.
  • There are real secrets we are using that most bloggers will not reveal but I gave them only for you. Do follow me for more informative tech updates.
  • Now take the keyword and make it the main keyword that presents in the title of the article. Also, your article should be 1000 words with 7 times of main keyword present in the article with the flow of conversation.

Keyword Research techniques

Find The Competitors

After researching the keyword you should find the competitor for what h1, h2, and h3 tags are used in their article. The main thing is meta description which helps to find what the article is based on search engines.

So make the meta description crispy and SEO optimized with the main keywords.

Write The Content

The important thing Google will notice is that your content should be unique and has no plagiarism and no ai content. For this type of content, google will reject your site for AdSense approval.

Image SEO

When you are using images you should add the alt text with the relevant keyword so that when your image ranks on google images your website will get follow the link from that.

So make the alt text of all images filled with keywords.

Link Building 

Link building is one of the best techniques where the visitors will engage with our site. You should add a link with the relevant word in your other article. So that, when visitors visit your one post, is possible to redirect to another post if they need it.

Outbound Link Strategy

This is nothing but where you will redirect the visitor to another website with the relevant words and content. Don’t give any unwanted redirect web pages that will give problems for your sites. There is many free SEO pro extension for Chrome that can know the do-follow link and nofollow links.

No-follow = Link juice will not flow to our website

Do-follow = Link juice will flow to our website.

Link juice means if Amazon has high DA & PA means if I get a do to follow a link from Amazon means link juice will flow. That is known as link juice. By getting to follow links our DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) will increase.

So that only all will ask for a do-follow link. This is also called backlinks. For best website da and pa checking there is an extension called moz bar which can easily be known next to the website URL while typing.

Final Check For Publishing

After doing all processes it’s time to publish the article and index it through the search console. Wait for some time this article will perform more than you expected.

For article writing, you need to have some free SEO pro extensions for Chrome that will make your work easier. Now let us see the list of extensions I have used. If you want a detailed article on how I used my extension for Chrome means comment below I will post soon.

List Of Extensions For Chrome I Uses

  1. Similar Web
  2. Seo Minion
  3. Moz Bar
  4. Grammarly
  5. Tick Tick Do List
  6. Temp mail
  7. Detailed
  8. Whatsmyserp

This 8 free SEO pro extension for Chrome I was using for blogging. If you need some more useful Chrome extensions like auto signing without doing any clicking. I have posted before as a Chrome extension update article get to know that article too. I hope you will gain some info from this article.

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