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Many people will like to earn online and see many youtube videos and then try them out. It may be a failure for many of them do you think why? In online money making you should have semrush knowledge-based skills to earn money.

Don’t worry I will help you to get it. Before that, you should know that the online platform needs keywords to do your job. It may be blogging, youtube, amazon, affiliate marketing, and so on.

So you must learn to get semrush knowledge based on keyword research. I will share it with you in a simple way so that you can understand it very quickly. Also If you are a blogger you need help with extensions also make use of the SEO pro extensions.

Important Keywords Anywhere

You need the knowledge of keyword research to do online work. Fo that I will suggest you the best keyword tool which is semrush and ahref. These two keyword tools will help you to get the right keywords for you.

As I told above two tools but now we are going to see about semrush. In the semrush tool, there are giving some plans in the subscription method. Which we can buy and use for keyword research.

How To Write Seo Article

You cant put keywords anywhere in your article there are some criteria to maintain it. If you are a blogger you do not do keyword stuffing in your article it is not safe for your site. Then how to do it? Yes, I will tell you.

You should analyze the best keywords and take that keyword in an Excel sheet. Then you should install the Yoast SEO plugin on the WordPress site. Talking about WordPress is a nice platform to get your site ranking soon on Google. Just go for it.

words anywhere

After installing the Yoast SEO plugin don’t worry you can also install the free version of it. After that work pick up one main keyword for the SEO title. Write the article in that title and you should insert that title keyword in your article as a Yoast SEO suggestion.

Then the other keywords are used as subheadings or keywords present in the article somewhere else. But don’t stuff it should be natural and readable.

Start Semrush Free Trial 30 Days & Buy For 5 Dollars Always

In this tool, there are offering three segments which are Pro, Guru, and Business Plan. These plans are priced in the best offer. Compared to other keyword tools like uber suggest, kwfinder. This is the best one I will say for online work.

keywords anywhere

It will not make you get down in your work. The gradual increase will be there in your dashboard when you pick up the best and right keyword. Don’t worry I’ll tell you that things also just follow this method given below.

How to select the keyword

To select the right keywords you must follow these steps.

  1. Search your topic on the semrush search bar.
  2. It will show the result go to the keyword magic tool on the left side.
  3. Then you should keep the volume 100-250.
  4. Keyword difficulty should be very easy or easy.
  5. Click on CPC which will give you the high CPC at the top of the list.

You may ask why keyword volume should be below 250. When you are a newbie to gaining semrush knowledge based on keywords and blogging. For the ranking on the first page on Google or youtube. For this purpose only I’m telling you to choose below 250 for 1 month.

After your site grows, you can shift over to high volume with possible keyword density. You should go step by step only. There is another way to beat your competitor you need to analyze their content, keywords, and number of words written, backlinks.

After this audit you need to write the best SEO content with this requirement then only you can beat your competitor.

Start Search For Google For The Latest Keyword Tools

While you search for Google for the best keyword tool means you will find many best keyword tools and some of them are free to use. The real thing is the free keyword tools and some paid tools in the market are not showing the updated result.

semrush twitter

When we get the updated result then only we can create a post on that keyword and rank easily. But on some keyword tools, there are updated 2 months once. In this case, the low-competition keyword will get high density when we see it after 2 months.

So only I am suggesting this keyword tool. It will be up to date so that you can easily find the right keywords for your article or youtube channel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Semrush Website Traffic To Grow Our Site

Yes, Semrush will disappoint you. After using it for one month you will understand the value of this tool.

How to purchase semrush at a low price

When you have no money to inverse on a keyword tool. Don’t be worried there is another way to use semrush at a low price. Really It is a gift for newbies.

  1. Go to and sign up with your email id.
  2. Then You can see the basic plan click on that.
  3. Scroll down you can see the list of subscriptions you get for 499rs (INR).

After purchase, you can see the subscription list on your dashboard.

You can access those sites only with toolszen only. When you need to search login to your toolszen account and get access to connect those sites.

The price will vary in the future in toolszen

Yes. It may vary in the future. But at this time this is the best choice I have ever seen. So think of it.

Where to buy ahref at low cost

Yes, you can buy ahref in toolszen and it comes under the elite plan. In the elite plan, you will get both the semrush and ahref tools. Then some other tools also come with this package that will also help you in the blogging process.


In this article, you gained semrush knowledge-based skills and how to research keywords to get ranked on googles first page. I hope this article will help you to get the right keyword and to get low-cost keyword tools.

If you have any doubts leave a comment below I will reply soon as possible. All the best for your success.


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