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Youtube is a platform where all can express their thought in a good way and earn money online. All YouTubers should know how to make Gmail secure which you can see on the security tab in your Gmail account. By knowing this only you can safeguard your channel and also your dream to achieve a gold play button.

All you need is one Gmail which is created as a channel on that Gmail. So we can secure Gmail from hacking. Now I will share with you some of the important things that should do before creating the channel.

I will also share how to secure your Gmail from any incident some of them faced before. Yes, Many YouTubers are so careless and doing the same mistake on their youtube channel. They have the responsibility to check their channel privacy and set up the security tab and also teach you to make Gmail secure.

So that you can also be safe from hackers. Let us see the factors of how hackers hack our Gmail. While hacking Gmail itself they have control of some other Google apps too. Don’t worry about it now I will tell you how to be safe.

The important thing I have missed to share with you. Don’t create an email with your number. Know to create a Gmail account without a phone number. Some of them planning to grow and sell the channel while selling your channel means you would do the big process to change the mobile number to Gmail ID and then need to transfer it to the buyer.

Make sure to create the youtube channel with the email id itself. To create Gmail for your youtube channel you need a mobile number to link with your Gmail Id. So, That we can create extra security for your channel. Know the process step by step. Let us start now.

Create Gmail Account Without a Phone number

I will tell you now how to create a Gmail account without a phone number step by step.

  • First, go to Gmail’s official site and tap on Creating an account.
  • Then create a name for mail, username, and password.

gmail secure

While creating a password keep in mind your password should be included a symbol, a capital letter, and one number. This is the minimum you can add as it shows well.

These passwords will be strong and you can also use a password manager like dashlane. It will be more useful for us. Because it is one of the secure password managers and can log in without entering our email password.

If we loaded to the dashlane dashboard means it will automatically log in to our account within a second. I have posted an article in detail review on the dashlane password manager. If you need to go through it. It will reduce your time.

  • After creating a username and password verify your mobile number by OTP that has been sent to your mobile number.
  • Then you can see to enter the recovery email. Enter your alternative email id and enter your DOB and tap next.

gmail for less secure apps

  • Now you can get a page “Get more from your number”. In that skip to the next page.
  • On the next page click I agree. After that, you will sign in to your account without using a mobile number.

Gmail Security Settings

To create gmail security settings to enhance security, You need to customize your Google account settings which can be safe from hackers. I will tell you the way to secure Gmail id security settings will make it more secure. Come let us do it.

To make more gmail id security you need to follow the below steps to create a gmail account without a phone number.

  • In your profile go to the top right of your profile icon and click on manage your Google account.
  • In that go to data and privacy. In that, you can see the toggle on/off which will make Google track your activity. Turn on what you need.

gmail for less secure apps

  • Then you will see profile and location sharing. In location, and sharing make sure that not sharing with anyone.

Gmail two-step verification settings

  • Before going to the next option sign in to your gmail account on your mobile device for creating this 2-step verification process to enhance gmail security settings.
  • Now, go to the security tab and search for 2-step verification and click on it and give next.
  • Then you need to select the choice to secure gmail id security. I go for sms or voice call option. It’s recommended for you too.

gmail security settings

  • If you need to store a password key in a physical device means select 1st option. Now verify your number by OTP and click next.
  • Then enter the OTP and tap on next. It’s done. Now just click on turn on your 2-step verification will be turned on.

Importance of backup codes

  • You can see the backup codes option click on that and select Get backup code and save that file to your physical machine.
  • When you forget your password or hacked your account these backup codes will help you to recover your account in a few minutes.

gmail security settings

Additional Google Security Settings

  • Then verify your recovery email to recover our password it will help you.
  • After that check the login devices tab. If any other device has logged in means giving a sign-out for a certain device and changing the password for our safety purpose.

Secure Browsing In Gmail Secure

Some browsers are having basic protection against web stuffing. But we can enable secure browsing by tapping on Enhance Safe Browsing. This will make you not enter harmful sites. So no viruses and malicious files will be downloaded automatically.

In this way, you can search for anything on the internet safely. If you need additional safety go for the McAfee web advisor extension. It will show a notification whether the website is safe or not.


In this article, you know how to create a gmail secure way for creating a youtube channel and personal use. Keep in your mind that you should check the gmail setting every week and also change the gmail password for six months once.

So that your password will not leak anywhere else. You also know how to create a Gmail account without a phone number. I hope this article will help you to create gmail secure with a gmail security code from the security tab. If you have any doubts leave me a comment I will reply as soon as possible.

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