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In the online world, many people are creating new YouTube channels to expose their creativity or product knowledge to get more subscribers and fame. But the honest truth is there are quitting without reaching their goals. They don’t know how to do Organic YouTube Promotion for your channel.

So there can’t get the views and thought they can’t do that. But the absolute truth I will say now is to keep your eyes open. There is some small strategy to make our YouTube video get more views and subscribers.

If you follow the steps in the right way you can also do this. Let me tell you the secret which we want to notice and make a video on that guideline. In this way when you get monetization on you may get high revenue too.

There are some things to have and some to create I have explained to you in detail with another article about how youtube pays it will help you. You are in a good decision don’t give up. Giving up is for losers not for you. Come on you can do it.

After reading how to create a YouTube channel in the article I have given. You should know to do organic youtube promotion for YouTube videos or channels to gain subscribers. To do that we need Google ads account. Let us know by a step-by-step process.

Promote YouTube Video

  • First login into your G.Ads account.
  • Tap on tools and setting on the top menu.
  • In that, you can see the performance planner select that option.
  • Now you can see the home screen for creating a campaign.
  • Then tap on Create a Campaign and select new campaign to create ads.
  • Select the option Create a campaign without a goals guidance option in the last option.

organic youtube promotion

  • Then select the campaign type as video ads. There are some types of ads also search ads, display ads, etc.
  • After selecting, the ads type selects custom video campaign and then tap on continue.

This is the first process you need to do for creating the ads for your YouTube videos. After doing the first process you need to select the video which you are going to publish as ads. Meanwhile, there is a small thing to notice while creating a video for the ads.

Google Ads Format

What are In-Feed Ads

There are two types of video ad formats that are In-Stream and In-Feed ads. The difference between both ad formats is that In-Feed ads perform in between videos of people’s feeds. According to the statistics, infeed ads will also show irrelevant people that they are not searched for.

More than 70% of people will not click and watch our ads in this format. So I won’t be recommended this. If you want only subscriber means, go for infeed ads, and all other ways Instream will perform best.

What are In-Stream Ads

Also, an infeed ads campaign will be costly compared to the instream ads. Talking about the Instream ad format this Instream ad will be placed to the relevant people who search for certain topics. So, more possibility to get more views. While doing organic youtube promotion for the YouTube videos you should see minor things too.

Instream ads will get more clicks more than 30%. In this case, YouTube will determine the value of the video who wants to see. So YouTube can suggest ads to more relevant people. That will help us to make more engagement.

Important Of In-Stream Ads

  1. Instream ads are more affordable for more of us and have nice performance too.
  2. Which will make us gain more subscribers.
  3. Can make more impressions compared to feeds.
  4. Can get relevant traffic.
  5. The most cost is affordable.
  6. It increases watch time which boosts the search ranking for that video.

Importance Of Call to Action

The important thing is the call to action. To get ads to click only we are publishing the ads on YouTube in that we need a good call to action that makes the user click on it and watch the video or channel.

When the user clicks on the call-to-action button user will automatically redirect to the source of the ads. When you do organic youtube promotion for YouTube videos this call to action is more important keep it in your mind. You should know how to earn from YouTube to make more revenue.

In-Stream Ads with Subscribe page

When you place your video ad link on the final URL box when the user clicks the call-to-action button means it will redirect to the video ads only. In this way, we can only deliver the ads and not be able to gain some followers or subscribers.

Here is one way to customize the video link to make users subscribe and then can see the video ads that you have published. Then how to do that? I will tell you the thing to make sure it has been done before placing the final step in ads publishment on Google ads.

In the final video, URL add this ?sub confirmation=1 at the end of the link. When the user gets to click on the call-to-action button it will directly give a pop-up for subscribing to the channel. So, In this way, you can gain subscribers in instream ads also.

Promote YouTube Video Second Process

  • First, you need to give a title for the campaign name.
  • Set bid strategy as maximum CPV (cost per click).

organic youtube promotion

  • Then set the budget rate and duration for ads in the budget and dates section. Give a minimum of 2 months its recommended.
  • In the next step, you can see networks in that you should uncheck video partner and display networks. Because if we select that option means your ads will place on unwanted sites so no users will be interested to click on our ads. So, we lose our money.
  • After that locations will be there if you are targeting one location means to give or otherwise strongly recommended to give tier 1 countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany. Those countries will get more engagement and if you are an affiliate marketer you may get more commission per sale. Think over it.
  • Then you can see the next section as relative videos. Don’t do anything and come to the next step. Because If we give the related videos in that feed our video will be placed that will not good for us.

organic youtube promotion

Then we come with the next section as additional settings. In that, you can target which device you want to target with your ads. In this way, you can target your audience in a simple way. During the promotion of YouTube videos, we may consider this too.

How to customize ads for visitors

In the next section of additional settings, you can get the frequency capping in that we can target the view and impressions per person which means for how many days how many views or impressions should be passed to certain users.

In this method, we can select an efficient to get target viewers. My recommendation is to tap on the cap impression frequency and set up with 1 person per week. This will make ads show to one person one time only it shows them.

Ads schedule

If you need your ads should publish on targeted days and times. You can customize it and make your ads do perform more efficiently. It may also help in the promotion of YouTube videos.

Four Important Parameters

There are four main parameters to set our ads in an efficient way. These parameters will help you to get the targeted traffic that will make your ads get more impressions.

The four parameters are.

  1. Demographics
  2. Audience Segments
  3. Keywords
  4. Topics


It is the section where we can target the age group of visitors. For example, If you are selling a product for women means you can target only women. In this way, we can get the targeted audience by doing organic youtube promotion for YouTube videos in a good way.

Audience Segments

In this, we can customize who should see these ads. Select the answers it is purely based on your category.

Keywords For Ads

The easy way to get the keywords are on the right side of the keywords section you can notice enter your product and service. After entering your topic, you can get the keywords that can be added with the help of the plus symbol.


Selecting the topic of your ad video that will publish to that category searches.

These are the four parameters, and the last section is placements. For the best result do the research on your relevant channel and take the URL of it and paste it into this section that will help to publish ads.

Promote YouTube Video Third Process

After doing the above steps a few steps are only there to complete your organic youtube promotion for the YouTube channel. You can get the section to create your Google ads. In that,

  • Add your created video for promotion.
  • Select skippable In-stream ads.
  • Then add the video URL to the final URL.

organic youtube promotion

  • Check the call-to-action button and then select the type of it and give the heading to it.
  • If you need to change the thumbnail of the ads means upload it to the ads banner to full fill that.
  • The last step is to bid on the ads. Enter the amount from 0.10 or below the Google suggestions.
  • Then click on Create a Campaign. You have done.

advertise youtube channel

In this article, I have told you the best and most effective way to spend on Google ads for doing organic youtube promotion for YouTube videos. Make use of and grow your audience to make more money and subscribers.

And you need to keep in mind the importance of the keywords. I have published an article if you want to go for it. I hope this article will help you.

If you have any doubts leave me your comments I will reply soon as possible. All the best for your great campaign.

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