Latest Google Chrome MSI or EXE File Which Is Best

Chrome msi or chrome exe browser

In the internet world, there are many browsers like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, and the latest browser is testing that browser will shake the software world because of its features and smoothness that browser name is the arc. In this article, you will know about the best browser for Windows and Mac in google chrome MSI or EXE file.

We want to choose the best performance and professional usage. I will tell you which is the best browser to use and I also cover the features, Google Chrome extensions, and tricks to speed up your browsing.

Windows are the platform that can perform browsing but the real thing is that browser responds and comes under some process to choose the best. In google chrome, there are more types of google chrome now we are going with google chrome MSI or EXE. Which is best between this.

Google Chrome MSI

Both are files to install the Chrome browser and have some changes to make the user get to fulfill their requirements. For example, some people go for Google Chrome .exe download and use it. But the professional who likes it people will go for google chrome MSI. Do you know why?

Get to know it by continue reading much information I have for you.

Does Chrome Have An MSI

Basically, Chrome is having two types of browsers named Google Chrome MSI and Google Chrome EXE. If you are a normal user you can go for the normal version of Chrome. If you are a professional user then go for google chrome MSI.

Because, In the Chrome MSI version you will have some extra features, for example, to communicate with all connected browsers.

Google Chrome MSI Installer Silent

In this way, you can Install google Chrome MSI in a silent way. By the cmd or PowerShell, we can executive in a silent way.

You can get a clear guide on how to install Chrome MSI silently way on the official site. Because I am going to share other content more useful for you. So, keep in touch.

Google Chrome EXE Installer

In the EXE file, it is a preloaded file that an executive with a push of installation. Anyone can do this installation of the chrome .exe browser.

There is an easy way to know how to install google chrome easily on your pc or laptop. You can get the chrome latest version for the best experience. Compared to the google chrome MSI this EXE installer is quite quick because of its preloaded file or execution file.

Basic of knowledge we need to know the best processor laptops in AMD and INTEL for the best experience in browsing.

Google Chrome Short Cut Keys

By using the chrome shortcut keys you can save more time while you are productive using you must know the shortcut keys.

You can search on the internet to get shortcut keys which will help you to work fast.

With these keys, you can perform a good experience in your browsing works. Talking about experience Google Chrome MSI and EXE have a good experience with mobile and pc communication and the cloud passing files while working. It’s an ecosystem Google is trying to build with its products like chrome book laptops.

best browser

Incognito Mode For Google Chrome

There is an incognito mode in a browser that many people say can give us safety by hiding our IP address. But the real fact is your incognito mode for google chrome also saves history and IP address in background mode which you cant see if you are a techie you will find it.

It is the myth that no one will track you while you are in incognito mode. It will the only thing is that it will not store your history in the history tab.

Google Chrome Browser Sync & Update

In the Google Chrome browser MSI or other versions, it will have an option called synchronization which means if you are using the Chrome browser on multiple devices like laptop, tab, and mobile. You can sync it.

By doing synchronization you will able to workflow in multiple devices with the same features like bookmarking, Apps, Extensions, History, etc.

How to sync google chrome MSI and other versions

  1. Open Google Chrome and go to the setting on the right side three-dot menu option.
  2. Then go to sync and Google service and turn on synchronization by toggling on the button.
  3. After you turn it on you can get an option called to manage what you sync click on it.
  4. You will get the many toggles section which you need to sync on all devices to turn that option on.
  5. Finished. Now you can work with the flow in sync of all google chrome browsers used on your devices.

Chrome msi sync

Open Browser Where You Left Off

Many people probably close the browser unfortunately without their knowledge and go from the start. If you turn one option on and set it now you can get the problem solved for google chrome users.

Procedure to turn the option on

  1. Open Chrome and go to settings.
  2. In that, you will find the option called on startup on the left side section. Click on it.
  3. there will be three option in radio button options. go for the second option and continue where you left off.

the Google Chrome MSI

This gives you a when you close some tabs without your knowledge a problem. Now all tabs will open as you keep while closing google chrome.

F&A Questions

What is google chrome MSI?

In Chrome, there is more category of browser available on the internet in that google chrome MSI is one more professional used. Among all other Chrome browsers, this MSI will be suggested for everyone for normal usage also. It will be good to browse.

What is the difference between google chrome MSI and EXE?

The difference between MSI and EXE are much the same in the working process but when we change any setting in one user in one pc in MSI it will change for all others using the same user profile. So. If you are an individual do it for the normal version itself.

Google Chrome can run on all platforms?

Yes, google chrome can run on all types of os like Windows, Mac, Linux, vista, ubuntu, etc. When you download google chrome on the official page you don’t worry about your os. Google itself analyzes and downloads your Chrome for your operating system.

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