How To Do Transfer Apps From Iphone To Android

iphone to android transfer

Nowadays in the mobile world, there is more competition among themselves as we saw each and every year one new model from one brand is released. Now in this article, I will share with you how to transfer apps from iPhone to Android transfer.

Data transferring is one of the big jobs a few years back but now Apple makes it simple to do iPhone to Android transfer. So, only Apple products are so unique and have a premium machine inside the box.

How To Transfer Apps From Iphone To Android

Most people are waiting for the Apple launch event because Apple and Samsung these two brands only introduce new technology and features.

Now Let us see how to transfer apps from iPhone to Android and also the data through a step-by-step process. For that, you need a new iPhone or a used iPhone should be reset and come with a hello screen then one Android device which should be in the midrange version to the latest version of Android.

How to Reset iPhone

Steps to reset iPhone

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Touch your profile icon and press Backup your iCloud toggle.
  3. Then go to general settings.
  4. Scroll down and press reset.

How to Reset iPhone on the Computer

Follow these steps to reset your pc

  1. First, you need to check your files are backup in iCloud.
  2. Then turn off and find my phone.
  3. Open iTunes and connect your device.
  4. Press on restoring my iPhone.
  5. Finished.

Now you have reset your iPhone device.

If your Android device is in an older version this process will not work. Please confirm that the Android phone and Apple mobile are in a minimum charge of 75%.

Because while doing this process your file will be backed up through the internet only even though the internet speed is high WhatsApp server is the main thing that we get more time to do iPhone to Android transfers.

How To Transfer Android to iPhone

  1. There is an app called Move to iOS which is Apple’s own app to transfer date Android to iPhone. Install the app on Android and open it and give the normal permission asked by the application.
  2. Then at last you will see an option to Enter a Single Use code on Android. On the other hand while setup the new iPhone you can get an option to move data from the Android press on that and give continue.
  3. You will get the code to enter it on an Android device. Before entering the code on Android connect both devices with the same wifi connection. After that proceed with the next steps.
  4. Then enter the code on move to the iOS app then Apple Mobile will notify you that it is processing to transfer data.
  5. After that, you get more options on what data you need to transfer. Select the option and then press continue.
  6. It may take time to transfer.
  7. After that, you can switch on the iPhone and open it. You can find all apps installed on Android devices transferred to IOS.

NOTE: If you were using dual WhatsApp on android means there is no option to transfer android to iPhone for dual WhatsApp.

If you need to transfer both WhatsApp means there are some third-party apps to transfer it but we have to pay for it

While opening WhatsApp on the iPhone you will see Move Chats from Android press on that and wait for some time to finish the backup process. All set, now all chats and media from WhatsApp will be there on iPhone.

NOTE: When you get the option Move Chats from Android make sure don’t cancel it because it will appear one time only. If you press on cancel you will not able to transfer the Whatsapp data.

So, Make sure to press an option with the Start button to perform Android to iPhone transfer. Sometimes your iPhone comes with an error.

At that time give the retry option. In case the retry option does not work means. You need to do all processes again. Don’t worry it will in a 1/100000 ratio only happens.

Now let us jump to know how to do iPhone to Android transfer in a detailed process.

Iphone To Android Transfer By Smart Switch

There are two methods to transfer data one is a smart switch which now we are going to see. In this method, you need an iCloud account to do.

Steps to transfer data by a smart switchhow to transfer apps from iphone to android

  1. First, go to setting on your Apple iPhone and log in to your account.
  2. Go to iCloud and select what you want to backup to the iCloud.
  3. Turn off Find my iPhone and find my network where located on your profile page itself.
  4. Then go to iCloud backup and press Backup Now.
  5. Once the backup is done. Go to the other hand with an Android device.

Steps to do on Android Mobile

  1. Go to settings and search for accounts and backup and enter into it.
  2. Then tap on Bring data from old device >> and press receives data.
  3. You come with three options windows, iPad, and Android. Here we are doing with iPhone so press the iPad option.
  4. You can see data transfer by USB cable but instead of that now we going to sign in Apple account for transfer.
  5. Sign in your apple id and you get to enter the verification code.
  6. Now on your iPhone pop-up will occur with the permission access request. Enter the code on Android.
  7. You will get more options about what data you need to transfer that you mention before but now press on the small arrow on the right side and select all options and press transfer.
  8. So, that you can back up entire files or data from iPhone to Android transfer. Wait for some time and give Next >> Next >> Done.

Copy My Data From iPhone to Android

  1. First, download Copy My Data on both Android and iPhone.
  2. Then open the app and tap next on both devices.
  3. Select your Android device on your iPhone and go to copy data to the selected device option.
  4. Now you have a pin on your iPhone. Enter the pin on your Android device then press next.
  5. Select the data which you want to transfer. In this method, there are few options only.
  6. click on next your data will transfer within a few minutes or depending upon your data size.

In this way, you can also know how to transfer apps from iPhone to Android to a new device.

How To Transfer Whatsapp IOS To Android

There is an easy method for WhatsApp iPhone to Android transfer. Let’s see how to do it.

There is third-party software that makes our job easier. All you need is to connect both phones to the system and follow the simple instructions you can easily transfer your data within a few minutes.

iphone to android transfer step by step

The software name is iCareFone Transfer. If you need this means get it here is so simple to use. You can transfer business whatsapp data too. If you want to transfer your data from Android to Android I have posted a detailed article about it it also may be helpful to you. If you planned to buy the best smartphone in 2023 read the article I have posted before.

I hope you will like the article if you have any doubts leave me a comment below. I will reply soon as possible.

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