How To Make A YouTube Short on PC and Mobile Phone

how to make a youtube short on pc

You may have the aim to achieve more subscribers on your youtube channel but the question is how to do it right? I will help you to grow your channel also many of them don’t know the right way how to make a youtube short on pc.

In this article, You will know about how to make a youtube short on PC in the proper way to gain subscribers and also another way to gain more subscribers and watch time. So don’t skip it.

Before going to show to make a youtube short on PC you must know the power of youtube shorts. For a new youtube creator shorts is a wonderful thing that makes them gain watch hours and subscribers. Don’t worry I will say the process step by step.

Earn by Youtube Shorts Money

  1. After creating your channel, Create your videos for more than 10 minutes because you can place them in between ads in your video. Why I telling you to create long-duration videos means you can trim your video to shorts.
  2. Don’t need to spend extra time on youtube’s short content. So, Create interesting topics which have you curious to watch. If you are a new youtube creator it may help you to gain watch hours soon. That will make you earn youtube shorts money in some days.
  3. If you are using creative common videos make them extra valuable by editing the voiceover and more information should be added.
  4. Make google ads for your video which have more views. It will attract many audiences and subscribe to your channel and get monetized and have youtube shorts money in a few days.
  5. Upload 30-40 long-duration videos and also trim those videos for shorts. Publish your videos in the early morning time for the new channel. After some days you can analyze your audience in your youtube creator studio.
  6. Make your shorts in parts like part 1, and part 2. So that, viewers will visit your channel for the next or previous parts if your content is curious.
  7. Create videos in steps or segments. While doing this your content will be delivered clearly for visitors to earn youtube shorts money.
  8. Create a call to action at the end of your youtube videos.
  9. Go for youtube live which will make you many contents for your channel by clearing the doubt of your subscribers. You can also create shorts of that youtube live it will give you some short videos too.

In this way, you can get monetize faster to earn youtube shorts money and also an AdSense payment.

Website To Edit Youtube Videos

Now let us see the process that show to make a youtube short on PC. Come on let us see. When you need to make youtube short on PC. You need to know the software or website to create a youtube short on pc.

I will give you some websites to create youtube shorts on the PC itself.

  1. Canva.
  2. Capcut.
  3. Clipchamp.

These are free to create videos for your youtube channel. Make use of it. Now we will see the steps to upload youtube shorts.

How To Upload a Short To Youtube

Now I will show the steps on how to upload a short to youtube to earn youtube shorts money.

  • Create a youtube channel and go to youtube creator Studio.
  • You can see the option called upload in creating a tab on the right top. Click on that and it will pop up one window.

how to make a youtube short pc

  • Select the Shorts video to upload and then click on upload.
  • It takes a few seconds to process it meanwhile you should set up the audience section. Select No it’s not made for kids options and click Next.

how to make a youtube short on pc

  • Then give tags to your video in the next section.

how to premiere on youtube

  • Then finally click next for upcoming tabs. Your video will be published.

In this way, you can know how to upload a short to youtube to earn youtube shorts money.

How To Search Tags For Youtube Shorts

To search tags use KWfinder, Google keyword planner, and uber suggest. It will be plus or minus 30% of the estimated views. If you want to get an accurate keyword tag for that you need to buy ahref or semrush keyword research tool.

You may ask why I am suggesting this. Yes in this tool we can refresh the keyword so that we can see the difficulty of the keyword in the present. It will help us to get more views by getting low-competition keywords.

How To Get Paid For Youtube Shorts

Youtube will pay on the 21st of the month or between 21 to 26th of the month the amount will be transferred to your bank account.

Actually, youtube will send an email when the creator has done great work last month they will appreciate it with a bonus and a notification will be sent to you on the 8th to 10th of the month if you miss claiming.

The bonus amt will expire and the balance short amount will only be sent to the AdSense account. So check the 8th to 10th days of the month regularly or when your shorts perform well.

Can I Earn Money From Youtube Shorts

Many of them have doubts about whether can I earn money from youtube shorts. Yes, you can earn more money in an easy way. You need to know how to take keyword tags for your youtube videos. This is the important thing your content make viral soon.

How To Hide Likes On Youtube

Yes, you can hide the likes of your youtube video. While uploading a youtube video on your channel you can get this option and untick it to hide your likes on a particular video. In this way, you can do it.

how to post shorts on youtube pc

Can We Hide Subscribe Count

You cant hide subscribe count now which youtube updated on 29 July 2022.


In this article, you can know about how to make a youtube short on PC very easy way and also you gain some knowledge on how to get monetization fast on youtube. I hope this article will help you to make more youtube shorts money. All the best for success.


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