How Much Do You Earn Per View on YouTube

how to earn from youtube

Many peoples want to create a youtube channel or are interested to create one and grow financially free. You need to know one thing so many peoples are struggling to grow their channel. Here you will know about the top methods that will tell about how much you earn per view on youtube.

There is some strategy to make your channel visible to others for that you need to customize your channel. I have created an article about gain subscribers and also to promote your channel if you need to gain subscribers means read this article. It may help you.

In the process to create a youtube channel you must create a new gmail id. It is not safe while creating in personal email id. Know how to create your channel with gmail in a secure way. So that we can avoid the problem of hackers.

Now let us see the strategy used by top YouTubers to gain more subscribers and more revenue in it.

Stats For Youtube (Statistics)

You can see many YouTubers will upload their revenue video and tell more views more revenue I got. But that is not the truth. There is no comparison between revenue and views of their channel. You can also see some youtube gain some views in thousands only but they get more revenue compared to videos having high views. Do you know how much you earn per view on youtube? Let us know in detail.

how to earn from youtube

Two Factors To Increase Youtube Revenue

I want to clarify now there are two main factors hiding that all YouTubers should know to attain more revenue in a simple way. I will tell you the two important factors in youtube to grow your channel.

The first factor is RPM and the second one is CPM. These are the important thing to get high revenue with minimum views. RPM is called Revenue per mile and CPM is known as Cost per minute. These both show much you earn per view on youtube.

By increasing CPM automatically RPM will grow parallel. Do you want how to increase RPM and CPM? I have posted an article in that I told how to increase CPM in simple steps. If you want it to go to the home screen and search

Salary Of Youtuber

Searching on google the average salary of a YouTuber is about 4.5 lakhs. If you need to earn like this means learning how to take keywords and tags for your youtube channel. By taking keywords themselves we can use them for tags also.

Importance Of Keywords

Content is always king because it only makes visitors more engaged and also keyword is queen because they only perform background to show the impression to the visitors to click on our site. So we need both powers, right?

The Salary Of YouTubers will vary but you can earn more by knowing the secrets. By reading the full article then you can know how to think about your content. When content is customized with full SEO it will automatically show on the first page.

Youtube Video Ideas

Many of them struggle after loading some content on your channel and thinking about what next. I need to give an idea to those who suffer from content creation. Through these four sites, you can get content ideas to create new content. I will say how to do it properly.

  1. Google Trends.
  2. Exploding topics.
  3. Uber suggest.
  4. Answer the public.

search youtube keyword

The process to create a youtube video idea

First You need to think about the topic and what category you want and then go to google trends and search with that keyword and note the results if the result is 500+ you can choose that topic. Make sure your search should be in the past week or month.

How to find high CPC keywords

After that find the main keyword in Uber suggests. To do that search the relevant keyword searched in google trends to create a youtube video idea you need to search that word and set up with a minimum of 100$ CPC and 1000 to 10000 views and also set up with low and medium difficulty.

While doing this you can get high CPC keywords with good volume and also the possibility to rank on Google. After getting the main keyword for an article we need to take a subtopic so that in the current uber suggest page itself you can see the related tab next to the suggestions tab.

Go to the related tab here you can find the high CPC sub-topics for our content select it and export it. Now we got the main keyword for the title and focus key phrase and also got the high CPC sub-topics. We can use it for tags too. This method will show to earn from youtube with high revenue.

If you need more sub-topics means go and search in answer the public. Here you can get tons of ideas and topics and above uber suggest method show to earn from youtube and get the knowledge about how much you earn per view on youtube. It is all about only finding the best keywords. So talk time to find the good one.

Money On Youtube Per View

Many of them ask how much you earn per view on youtube. The important thing it is based on the CPC and RPM of the channel. Based on this factor only youtube shares the revenue.

In Adsense itself, they gave the estimation for its niche. The category also defines the revenue because the ad unit cost will differ for each category. You can Note your category estimation money on youtube per view.

How To Get Subscribers In Youtube

All beginner YouTubers will be facing no views and no subscribers. I will give you the best method to get subscribers and reach to monetize your channel.

  1. Create content with volumes of 1000 to 10000. So that you can rank on 1st page if your content and description are good. Create a description with the keywords in the first 150 words.
  2. Then Create an attractive thumbnail it will give a nice impression to click on your video.
  3. After that Promote your video to gain subscribers. I have written an article about promoting a youtube channel it will help you to gain subscribers fast.

In this way, you know how to get subscribers. When you got subscribers you can get views in upcoming videos you posted. Make your content in your niche only. Because all subscribers who came in this way will see the video in that topic or niche only. Keep this in your mind. Then keywords are also the main thing that we want to notice how much you earn per view on youtube.


In this article, you will know how to earn from youtube to make high youtube earnings. Here the main thing is learning about the stats for youtube and keyword research. In this way, you can achieve your youtube goals soon. I hope this article will help you in your youtube journey if you have any doubts leave me your comments below I will reply soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How to enable comments on youtube?

Go to the video which you want to change and in the details tab, you can see the option called comments and ratings in that option select disable comments.

change name of youtube channel

By tapping on this you will disable certain videos.

How to pin a comment on youtube?

Go to the uploaded video to which you want to pin a comment and go to the comment section on that video on the right side of the menu.

monetizing youtube channel

Then click on the three dots of the comment which you want to pin and select pin. In this way, it shows to pin a comment on youtube within a few seconds.

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