How Long Does It Take To Get Monetized On Youtube Channel

youtube for money

Youtube is one of the platforms through which we can earn more than we expected. For that, you need to know how youtube pays for you and how the money is calculated in AdSense. I have researched on this how the algorithm is working in the backside of youtube revenue. So that you can know how long it takes to get monetized on your youtube channel.

You may as there is any strategy for getting more views and more youtube earnings. Information matters right?

As you know many peoples are creating a youtube channel and can’t succeed in that. Have you thought about why they leave the track and hope that they don’t know how long it takes to get monetized on a youtube channel and what the correct process is to do it?

I will tell you one thing in this world not a single piece of paper can’t move without any force.

Do you understand my words? Consistency in your work is more important than these techniques and all. Create your channel and make a video. Know to backend process of how youtube pays for you and what you working for. Surely it is a great lesson to know in our life.

Dam sure you will make it the right way I believe in you. Now let us know what the real youtube studio gives to us. know the correct way to create a channel for you. That is the first process that makes you know how long it takes to get monetized on your youtube channel.

how long does it take to get monetized on youtube

Show How To On Youtube Creating Secure

Now we can see the secure way to open a youtube creator studio. I will share step by step process.

  • First, you need to create a new Gmail with the name of your niche. Nichie means what kind of videos you are going to upload on the youtube creator Studio.
  • After creating an email go to the privacy tab and enable two-step verification. While doing this two-step verification your channel will be 80% protected. You may ask for a balance of 20% it is your hand only. Don’t touch any links that are asking for a promotion and youtube spam emails. While going through that links means your channel control will be taken by them. So, Always be careful while checking your email.
  • Then in the top right corner, your logo will be there check that your channel name and your id name are the same. Because both are one. If need to change it now and upload your logo image. Use canva for that is a 100% free tool that can use by anyone.

Must-Have These Pages on Youtube Creator Studio

In your channel, you need to create an about page well is attractive because, on the about page, only visitors will know who are you and what videos you are uploading. What they can expect from your channel. If any informative concept they found on the About page only they will subscribe to you in zero subscribes on your youtube creator studio.

There is another reason for this customization of the page. The youtube algorithm will crawl our channel and what type of channel is it. Then it will use to recommend our channel to people who find the relevant keywords to our videos and channel.

There is another category I forgot to tell. There is a playlist option you see on youtube. Please customize the playlist or create a playlist of one topic. Because google will search for the topic of the playlist which is performing well and it will show the video in that playlist on the first page of youtube.

how long does it take to get monetized on youtube

Create a playlist for more views while one video will make people see the next and they continue to see our playlist full. If they like it so their watch time will increase your youtube revenue and youtube earnings meanwhile you can also be eligible for applying AdSense.

So, You need to have these pages on the youtube creator studio. Analyze your youtube history of what topics are more engaging for your visitors and which times there are online to watch your content.

So that you can post your video on that time for earning more views and youtube earnings. Now you will know how youtube pays and make revenue.

But the thing is all can make revenue on youtube the secret is how to earn more on youtube. This is the thing most people search for.

Secrets To Increase Youtube Earnings

First of all, I want to tell the real truth. There is no secret to earning more where we can’t get on the right track to go. If you know the track you will earn a minimum 1000$ per month in an easy way.

There is a small thing to do it. When you did this correctly your result will speak to you to buy me a coffee. Now I will share the thing many have not been told clearly what to do. I may not attach photos for step by step process but you can know what I’m going to tell.

Before that, you need to know two things

  1. CPM
  2. RPM

These are the two things that will increase your youtube revenue you asked how youtube pays us. Here you will know the truth.

how long does it take to get monetized on youtube channel

Roll of CPM and RPM

CPM is nothing but Cost Per Minute. The role of CPM is when the visitors see your video CPM will calculate the duration and its measures. It only decided the CPM rate in our AdSense.

To increase the CPM rate on AdSense means you need to select the high CPC keywords in your youtube video title and description. The title can start with the keyword it may give the best result to that video or other side you can use long tail keywords.

By using 5$ CPC keywords your youtube earnings will not be increased. You need to pick up the high CPC keywords you use this type of keywords means your videos get advertisement at a high cost. That will make your youtube earnings high on AdSense.

The role of RPM is that will calculate the whole keyword and measures of CPM and then it will give you one ratio. The RPM will not do anything because the source to get RPM is CPM to get CPM you need to use high CPC keywords on your title and description.

how long does it take to get monetized on youtube channel

This Youtube Profitable Method

One of the main factors for pushing your video to rank on 1st page of youtube and make high youtube earnings.

While posting your video you will come across the description section which you will give some info and links. But the important thing you need to know is youtube is also a webpage containing millions of videos.

Go to the youtube algorithm point of view and you will get how to know what content is in your video and is that clear and detailed. How did youtube know? We only tell the content we are giving to them.

So, you need to write the content in the description for two paragraphs. The first 150 words are more important place your title on this session and complete it.


Many of them ask only how long does it take to get monetized on a youtube channel?

It is purely based on your content. I will give some info to consider while creating videos.

  1. Research viral content on the internet and make videos about it.
  2. Make shorts to gain subscribers easily.
  3. Create your own content or value-added content that will break out your analytics.
  4. Make playlist content so that people will see all videos continuously and gain watch time.
  5. At last, a good call to action will make you gain subscribers and views.

By doing this you don’t need to think how long does it take to get monetized on youtube channel. This way itself you can reach the monetization level for the youtube partner program.

Now you will know how to rank your video on youtube to get more youtube earnings and how youtube pays for your content with high earnings. Make sure this is all will be done by keyword research only. To know how to pick up the high CPC keyword check the article I have posted before it will help you to get the high CPC keywords in an easy way.

I hope this article will be helpful to earn high youtube earnings. All the best from my side for your high revenue.

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