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apple homepod 2

Apple Homepad 2nd generation was released on January 18 and going to ship to all places before February for sale. Did you know the apple homepod 2 vs 1? Which one is the best? Let us see the true value of pod 2.

What Processor is in the Homepod 2

Apple has announced that the apple homepod will the upgrade to 2nd generation. As we compare both devices 1st and 2nd generations were slightly changed. Let’s get into the full analysis of apple homepod 2.

Compare to the old gen 2018 there is a change in the 2023 version. Talking about the version yes the processor has been changed where 1st gen has an A8 processor in 2028 but now we have an S7 processor.

Does Homepod use Wifi or Bluetooth?

Apple Homepod 1st generation has an A8 processor which has wifi 5 8.2.11 AC but the new second generation of apple homepod has wifi 4 8.2.11 N only with an S7 processor. It has a speed of 600 Mbps data transfer rate.

homepod 2 vs 1 comparison

Compared to Apple homepad 1 (2018) It has a 1500 Mbps speed transfer rate which is high. But the real fact is for the second generation homepod it’s enough because 600mbps has itself gives good sound quality. It seems similar same in quality of sound.

Yes talking about wifi the connectivity is only made with iPhone because, the new apple homepod, 2 does not have a connectivity option with any Android.

Yes, so you need iPhone to use homepod 2 and unfortunately, this homepod does not have Bluetooth streaming and can’t connect to Bluetooth.

How Far apart can Homepods be

The distance of the Apple homepods of 1st Gen is 5 meters and also presents 4 microphones. The 2 Gen distance is slightly far away 7 meters and also has 6 microphones. As well as 2nd generation of apple homepod also has spacial audio with a U1 chip. This will make the performance good.homepod 1 vs homepod 2

Why the weight is less than 1st gen

Yes, It has some downgrade in apple homepad 2 compared to both homepod 2 vs 1. In the 2023 model, there have been reduced tweeters. So that only this new gen is slightly low in the bass.

In the first gen 7 tweeters are there but in the newer version there reduced to 5 tweeters. But the matter is there is no difference in sound quality other than the bass. It is also a small change that some Apple users will notice.

Are Homepods worth it?

Yes, the best sound device in the market is the apple homepod 2 and it has a temperature and humidity sensor. You can automate your room with the help of Siri apple assistant. Talking about Siri assistant there is one small minus which is light. It does have not to control at night time on the homepod device sometimes some people may not comfortable with it. We can also set up with automation while the humidity increase fan will turn on. Likewise, we can control it.

apple pods homepod 2 vs 1

The connection to the power cable is removable in apple homepod 2 (2023) and for remaining in the 1st gen we can’t remove the power cable it is attached to it. So that only that model failed at that time.

Because competitive brands gave Bluetooth and a removable option but at that time apple 1 Gen does not have the option. Meanwhile, Apple has cleared the stock in sale for releasing the second generation of homepods.

Dimensions of Homepods

The dimensions of the new apple homepod 2 are 16.8 cm tall and the weight of the device is 2.34 kg. The newer model is 4 mm shorter than the 1st gen. The wat difference is actually quite significant.

pod 2 Is worth buying now

There was a touch display for controlling the volume and has placed Siri voice assistant. The touch screen is smaller than the 1st generation 2018.

Does Homepod get Dolby Atoms?

pod 2

First of all, we need to know the basic quality of this device. Yes seriously the sound is awesome but one thing has been noted the bass of the music is slightly decreased and it is best for a stereo setup.

And you need to remember one thing you need an apple music account to experience the power of Apple homepod 2. You can’t use other apps like Spotify, Wynk, etc.

It has thread support so you can communicate with thread-enabled devices like Google Home, and Alexa. These threads enable devices can communicate with apple homepod directly and it can bypass the home app with the household has Android itself.

Other than that apple homepod 2 has Spatial Audio and Dolby Atoms. The sound that comes from these two technologies is fabulous. Experience it you will buy me a coffee.

What Color is Homepod

The Apple homepods are available in two colors one is midnight and another one is white. This midnight is like space grey only. It will be a small difference only.

What Chip does the Homepod have

The chip used in the 1st generation is A8 and this chip is also used for iPhone 6 then now apple homepod 2 is coming with an S7 chip. This S7 chip is used in the apple watch series 6 & Apple Watch 7. From my point of view, this S7 can be replaced with a new chip S8.

Let us see the pros and cons compared with 1st gen chip.

review of homepod 2 vs 1

In the 1st gen there are using an A8 chip with storage 16gb here in the new version they use an S7 chip with 32gb of storage. The processor in 1st gen is a 20nm processor compared to the new gen it’s only a 7nm processor and the new gen apple homepod will rock in the performance as well.

How many Homepod can you Pair

Homepod works great in stereo mode and you can connect with two Apple homepod in the same version.

For example, If you have an apple homepod 1 (2018) model means it’s only the possibility to connect to the same version of 2018. If you have changed one homepod also you should change another one to use stereo mode.


Now you can know what features are in the apple homepod 2 and the awesome Dolby and Spatial audio will make you quite interested. In my point of view if you have the apple homepod 1 (2018) generation it’s quite enough because there is a slight change in homepod 2.

So If you need the extra features and make it more compact and need less weight mean you can go for the newer version of Apple Homepod 2. In this article, you know about both homepod 2 vs 1 which is worth buying. In this way, you can also get to know Apple products like Pod 2, and Mac products are worth buying.

Let’s enjoy the sound and cheer up with other info. Stay focused Stay tuned.

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