Does Safeway Take Google Pay When You Scan Shop Qr Code

how to use google pay in store

In this article, you can know how to use google pay to send money seamlessly. This name is previously called android pay and now it is shortly named Gpay. You may ask does Safeway take google pay while scanning QR codes?

The real answer is yes. Then, you will know other features and full guidance about this app.

Nowadays payments are transferred from one end to another end within a second with the help of UPI. You may ask what is UPI? UPI is a technology called Instant Real-Time Payment System and it was developed by the National Indian Corporation Of India (NPCI). This technology is developed by the company RS Software and its sold to the Indian government.

Most people are using mobile making and Internet banking to send payments. That is a slightly big process to do but in google pay, you can just send the payment by the QR scanner. It’s very simple to use just scan the QR and send the payment.

Here we will see in detail how to use gpay efficiently and will know the steps on how to add a bank account, debit card, credit card, etc.

What Store Use Google Pay

Google Pay is probably used in all stores where you can see the QR code you can pay via gpay. I Don’t think that stores use google pay it’s a very much popular method of transferring amounts. So every store will have this mode of transaction.

You may ask what store uses google pay for the business transfer. Yes, they have launched a separate google pay business application for business people to collect their payment from the customer in an instant way with notification.

If you are planning to get a shop means don’t worry google pay service agent will contact you to simplify the process to get the payment and the installation process for your shop will be completed within a day. So, don’t worry about it.

Requirements To Have GPay

To use gpay on your device you have some requirements to install on your mobile device.

  1. First, you need to be above 18 years old or you need parental permission to sign up gpay account.
  2. You need a Gmail account for signing up for the gpay account.
  3. Your mobile device should be Android 5.0 to higher. In iPhone IOS 10 or higher versions will be supported.
  4. To do contactless payments you need an NFC support device to pay wireless.
  5. The particular bank credit or debit card should turn on the online payments option on your bank account.

Talking about the latest Android devices I have shared the best Android mobile in 2023. It may help you to get the right Android mobile.

How To Setup Google Pay In Few Steps

There are simple steps to install Gpay and linked with a bank account in just a few minutes. For that, you need your mobile phone and your atm card to load your card or link your bank account with gpay.

How To Setup Google Pay

  1. First, you need to select your country now google was expanding the location. Now there are 2 options India, Singapore, United States.
  2. Then add your mobile number linked with the bank account and press the continue option.
  3. After that, you need to select a mail for a google pay account.
  4. Your account will be verified and go to the main page of gpay.
  5. Now you need to add a bank account to send and receive money. Go to your profile and select a bank account.
  6. Then select the bank which you want to add. It will ask for a set UPI id or create a UPI id then your account will be added.
  7. You may ask for Set UPI Number, create a UPI number and select Continue.
  8. Now all processes have finished. You are in.

how to pay with google pay

how to pay with google pay

how to use google pay in store

How To Pay With Google Pay Tap And Pay

In Google Pay contactless option is there, to do contactless transactions you need an NFC-supported device and an internet connection. For that first, we need to add our debit or credit card and it shows to pay with google pay via tab and pay. Let us see how to do it.

  1. First, go to your profile and select Add a bank account.
  2. In that scroll down you can see add debit or credit card. Click on that and give proceed.
  3. Now the camera will be open to scan your card for the upload process. Scan through it and accept the policy to add the card.
  4. To make the process secure they will ask now for the top it will come to your registered number. Enter OTP and click proceed.
  5. Then select the google pay option in contactless transactions for future transactions. You may also enter it by the long-press NFC option in the notification panel.
  6. You are done.

how to pay with google pay

Hereafter you don’t need to show to pay with google pay while the transaction is done. Just you need to on NFC and place your mobile on the EDC machine. When the transaction is completed they got a receipt so they know the process is completed. In this way, you can pay your bill seamlessly and quickly in this hurried world.

How To Access Google Pay Wallet

You can use google pay wallets when your bank server is down. In that situation, if you have money in your pay wallet means you can pay it without any issues or facing errors during transactions. To add money to the wallet follow the given steps and also you can get access to transit passes, gift cards, and loyalty points.

Steps to Add Money to google wallet

  1. Open the app and tap on your profile icon.
  2. Select wallet and add to the wallet.
  3. Then you can add money throughout the card and make payment easier.
  4. You can also pay with a gift card and points.

How To Send Money Using Google Pay

There is an option that while spending outside with our friends you can split the bill amount equally within a second. Need to know how to let see.

Google Pay Sends Money To Friend In Split

  1. Go to the gpay app.
  2. On your home page you can see send request option click it.
  3. You can see split with friends or new group select split with friends.
  4. Add your friends and give the total amount and continue with the split option.
  5. It will split even and send requests to pay in their payment account.
  6. In this way, you can easily collect or share the money.

Google Pay coupons

This coupon is common all can get it by rewards. When we pay somewhere means a time google scratch card will be given in that we can get offers of some brands which we can use for discounts.

At some times google will give the cashback option when we pay any transaction for a certain amount. We can get orange and blue scratch cards in both cards orange will give you a set of options of offers that we can select and redeem it.

How to redeem the coupons

  1. Go and collect the redemption code on the gpay application.
  2. Then read the terms and conditions to redeem it.
  3. Go to the site they mentioned in the conditions or the brand website you got it.
  4. Then add the product to the cart and sure that your coupon code is placed in the coupon box or not.
  5. After that place your order with the discount you have.

Frequently Asked Q & A

Who accepts google pay near me?

The shop where google pay accepts or has some other Qr paying method you can use gpay for payment without an issue. All QR codes can accept to pay from google pay.

Can we get cashback with google pay?

Yes, you can get cashback with google pay by sending payments. You can redeem it instantly for bank transfer after the full process is done.

Google pay-supported country?

In the payments, it is accepting many U.S Merchants, Including CVS, Subway, and many others. Gpay supports 1000 banks in the USA and also some small banks are also there. You may see the detail of this.

And google was adding a new territory and expanding so I can’t give the exact details. Other than that I can give you the official site for your reference.

Are there referral commissions for google pay?

Yes, it’s there for all referrals you will get some commission based on that time the commissions will differ.

How to see the balance in google pay?

On the home page scroll down and at the bottom, there will option called check balance you can check over it or tap on your profile icon and select a bank account. Each and every bank have the option to check the balance.

What is the minimum amount to transfer?

There is a limit in UPI which is decided by your bank. Each and every bank account varies. The minimum amount is 1$ or 1rs. Maximum about is want to see your bank UPI limit.

how to use google pay in store

Is it safe to use google pay?

Yes, It is much safer than previous payment methods because you will have the secret UPI code to send the amount. So, It’s 100 % safe for your payment.

What should do if I send the payment to the wrong number in google pay?

You should take a screenshot shot and raise one dispute in Gpay and after that, you can call them to ask for your money back. If they regret means go to the bank and raise one complaint on that transaction you will get your money back in 3 days.

Note: The wrong transaction is done by you and it’s your fault send the payment after the final analysis. They will solve the problem when it was done by mistake. When often coming complaint from the same number means they will not help you. Please keep this in mind and do safe transactions.


In this article, I have covered the full detail of how to use google pay and how to pay with google pay. I hope this article will help you If it means follow me for more interesting and useful information.

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