How To Disable Xbox Game Bar in Windows

How To Disable Xbox Game Bar in Windows

If you have multiple apps open and use many shortcuts, the chances of accidentally triggering the game bar in Windows are high. Why? This can be unpleasant when you’re overwhelmed during a morning meeting. Here are some ways to disable the xbox game Bar on Windows. Please refer to the details below.

What is the purpose of this shortcut key?

Alter the keyboard shortcut (quick and easy) to activate the Xbox Game Bar with the hit of Windows + G. If you use the same shortcut in a different app, you can modify the Xbox Game Bar shortcut to be used with whichever key combination you prefer. What is the purpose of this statement?

1. By pressing Windows + G, the Xbox Game Bar becomes accessible by the shortcut key.

2. The Xbox game bar is available on Windows. By clicking on the Settings icon at the top-right of the Xbox Game Bar menu, you can access and adjust the game bar settings.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

3. The options menu for games on Xbox 360 can be accessed from the window. Access the Shortcuts feature in Settings.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

4. Find the Open Xbox Game Bar icon situated beneath the Keyboard. The space will be left blank for entering a new key

Disable Xbox Game Bar

5. Tap the empty space and enter a new key combination that you know will not be executed by chance.? Use the keyboard keys Shift, Alt, or Ctrl to press one more key. As an illustration, we’ll use Shift and the key G to indicate it.

6. The keyboard shortcut for the Xbox game bar on Windows is done. Now click on Save to save this key combination.

When you save a change to the settings on Windows Now, the Xbox Game Bar does not open when you press Windows + G, but it will open with the new keyboard combination. The method we will use is Shift + G. In case you don’t notice this alteration immediately, we suggest restart your PC and verify it again.

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How To Turn On or Off

Have you ever used the Xbox Game Bar during your video streaming sessions, but are now frustrated with its slow performance in non-game areas? By turning off background activity during your leisure activities, you can turn it on when required.

Proactive tip: How to prevent the edge from running in the background.

1. Activate it by going to Settings (using Winodws+I) on your Windows PC and selecting Apps from the navigation bar on the left.

techizap Disable Xbox Game Bar

2. You can see the option called installed apps tap on it.

how to disable

3. In the search bar search for Xbox game bar.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

4. In that app you can see the three dots on its right side tap on it and go to advanced options.

5. Then check the usage of the app by checking background app permissions. If it is set as power optimized change it by default to Never.

xbox disable

6. After that scroll down in that menu check the option for terminate and click terminate to close all the active game bar session running background.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

Uninstall Using PowerShell on Windows (Easy Way)

Command Prompt, which is the name given to the old Command prompt, is now replaced by Powershell, which is an advanced version.

1. Find Windows PowerShell by using the search icon on the taskbar and selecting Run as administrator to run it. This was Step 1.

how to disable xbox game bar

2. Once opened, simply copy and paste the following command followed by Enter.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage

how to disable xbox game bar

3. The PowerShell window will display a list of commands once the above command is executed. Note: After completing the commands, ensure that you have no movement on the screen, and then remove your Xbox Game Bar. The Installed Apps section on Windows settings is where you will find this option.

how to disable xbox game bar

4. In case you ever have to use the Xbox Game Bar again, you can always get it from the Microsoft Store.

The methods provided in this guide can be utilized to disable the xbox game Bar, regardless of whether you’re a novice or a seasoned user of Windows.

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