Dashlane Business For Managing Passwords

Dashlane chrome extension

In this World, more than 70 million people were using the password manager to protect their passwords in the online world. The most probably used password manager is the dashlane and most business professionals used this and also available for all users in the free version.

They can easily manage their password to protect their credentials in online mode. Because nowadays hackers are stealing passwords in unexpected ways like QR codes, Bank SMS, Trust donation links, Festival wishes links, etc.

This is all an Ip address where there will shorten and hind in this ways. More people blindly click on these links and lost their money.

If you have any doubt on any link please go and check with the virustotal. It is absolutely free and it’s useful to find malicious or phishing links. After check the link is good then you can open your link.

So, you can easily manage your online credentials passwords in the dashlane extension Chrome. Let us see about this password manager is worth it for you.

What Is Dashlane

Dashlane is a password managing tool where your passwords will be in a secure place in the online world. Dashlane was founded on July 6 2009 and till now there are given 100% protection.

The dashlane produces the zero-trust architecture means that your passwords will open by you only with your master password. They are having 2FA and 256-bit AES encryption so that no one can enter your vault without your master password.

How To Login Dashlane Chrome Extension

To log in to the dashlane chrome extension on Chrome or some other browsers. You need to go to their official website or click on the dashlane chrome extension that will redirect to the page.

  • You can find the login on the right top click and create a new account.
  • Verify your email.
  • Add the website link and password shown in the image.
  • Select the option that should be automatically signing or only for the prompt.
  • After that save the loaded password and come back.
  • When you go for that website your dashlane business Chrome extension will work to auto-sign in or prompt.

In this way, dashlane is more useful for online workers.

Dashlane Chrome Extension Platforms

The dashlane works on multiple platforms like Mac, Android, Windows, and IOS. The dashlane extension will work on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, Opera, and Safari. In these browsers, dashlane extensions will work great.

The Dashlane on multiple devices




You can use this dashlane password manager on multiple devices so that you can able to create an ecosystem between your devices.

Dashlane Business For Chrome

  • Go to the Chrome web store to get an extension and search for dashlane
  • Click on get button and install it
  • You will find the dashlane icon on the extension tab
  • Select it and sign in to your dashlane account.
  • It is over, Now you can load your sites with the password to use.

Note: The process is the same for other browsers like Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc. But you should go for certain websites where can get their own extension file. For example for dashlane safari go to the Apple apps store to get this extension on your browser.

Auto Dashlane Generate Passwords

In this now we take an example for the dashlane chrome extension in this browser or some others you using you can generate a strong password by using the auto-generated password option in the dashlane dashboard.

Dashlane Business For Managing Passwords

When you think that your password is easy to crack means take the help of the dashlane chrome extension or dashboard when you create a password. Generate a strong password by clicking Generate a password on the right side of the tab.

Dashlane For Business

In the dashlane, there is the two plans one is personal and another one is a business plan. In these both plan business peoples or having small organizations can use it in a simple way.

The business plan, they are offering three types of pricing

  1. Starter
  2. Team
  3. Business

dashlane price review

The three pricing and details will be given as an image please go through it for your usage which plan will help to secure your credentials.

Dashlane vs LastPass & 1password

In security, the dashlane is producing almost the same as LastPass. But in-depth, we see LastPass has been hacked years back. Real security is based on the protection layers, not on features. In this way, dashlane is so much performing well in past years.

There are no complaints or drawbacks in the dashlane password manager.

Monitoring Dashlane Feature

This monitoring feature is nothing if your password finds on the dark web or somewhere else this system will give you an alert to change the password in real time.

This will help you whether you have entered to wrong or malicious website and given the login credentials means this system will scan all time when it identifies your password you will get a notification to change it.

Dash lane Business For Managing Passwords

To activate the dark web monitoring service

  • Sign in to the dashlane account
  • Go to the dark web monitoring option on the dashboard
  • Add your email logged in.
  • You can add your emails up to 5 emails.
  • After clicking add email -> Send activation link.
  • Go to your email and activate that link.
  • You have done. Now your email will in monitored on the dark web.

Dashlane Business For Managing Passwords

You can also add 2-step verification in Google authenticator so that you have a unique code for all 1 minute or 10 seconds that you can set it up on the authenticator app on your mobile device.

Share Your Password

In the dashboard panel, you can see sharing setting in which you can give access to anyone of your friends or family to access the website.


You just go to sharing center and add your friend’s email address and select the website credit to share them and give full access or limit as you wish. Click it there will get an email to access that website.

Dashlane Reset Account

You can easily reset your account before you need to back up your account passwords in a CSV file. So that your password can be imported into another account easily.

chtome extension

Make use of this dashlane password manager which is free to use. Many peoples were doing their work with simple one-click login without any tension. If you need to have a peaceful flow while browsing on the internet just go for it.

You will really buy me a coffee for this. For the more useful extension, I have posted an article about the best Chrome extension update in 2023. I hope it will really help you.

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