Can I Transfer Data From Old Phone After Setup New One

how to transfer app android to android

In the mobile world many brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, etc. There are releasing a new model year by year sometimes it may launch in six months. Do you want to know how can I transfer data from the old phone after setting up a new one in an easier way?

Let us know how to do it in simple steps to transfer from Android to Android from an old device. If you have an old version of Android then some transfer apps may not work in older versions.

When buying a new device doesn’t need to transfer all your data like apps, videos, photos, etc. Google offers some methods that can I transfer data from an old phone after setup in an easy way. Many don’t know how to do google backup. Now you know how to do the setup.

Google 1 Backup App

Actually, google will back up your data including apps, call history, Settings, notes, contacts, photos, etc. But before backup your files you need to confirm whether you enable Google backup on your old device or not. Then only it will back up your entire content to do file transfer.

How To Do Google Backup On

  • First, you need to go to your setting on your old used device by the menu another way to access settings is by swiping down the notification panel, and the right corner gear icon will be there and tap on that icon.Can I Transfer Data From Old Phone After Setup New One
  • Then you go for account and backup, It is based on the mobile brands but you can see this option on settings or search for account and backup on settings. You can get it.
  • In some brands, the backup option comes under the system setting. You can also check whether you can’t find it in settings. I am using a Samsung device so now I go for it.

can i transfer data from old phone after setup

  • After that, For Samsung users, you check that you have turned on the toggle on the backup option.
  • Then you can get the backup with an active backup session of data backup with your google drive.
  • You can also check it one time before performing a show to transfer from Android to Android mobile phones.

Transfer Android Apps To New Phone

  1. The time of power on your new device or factory reset device will come with initial instructions to complete that till the backup option appears.
  2. When the backup option appears you can get an option as Backup from the cloud. Tap on that and give your credentials email and password to sign in to your account.
  3. After signing in you can see the device you previously backup. That model number will appear there and select that. Make sure that doesn’t tap on don’t restore. If you did that means you need to repeat the same process.
  4. Then you will see the data you back up on the previous device select the data which you want to transfer to your new mobile and tap restore.
  5. You are in. Now you can see your data that transfer to the new device in a few minutes. You may ask by doing this method if can I transfer data from the old phone after setup. Yes, you can.

App Transfer To Android

If you have bought a new Android device and set it up with Gmail means don’t worry about how can I transfer data from the old phone after setup. There is one option that should do manually only. But you can get all apps without any issues.

Getting App History On the Play Store

To get the app history where we used in previous Android devices. There are a few processes to follow it.

  • Go to the google play store on your new Android mobile.
  • In the right top go to your profile icon.can i transfer data from old phone after setup
  • Then go to manage the app and device. In that tap on the manage tab to view the app history.
  • Here you can get the all app you used on the previous device.

can i transfer data from old phone after setup

By this method, you can install all the apps and the important thing is when you have a login to the new mobile please check the security enable which means. In the google play store tap on the profile icon and tap on play protect and then turn both toggles on.

By doing this you can protect the apps that you installed on the device are safe or not. If you install the malicious app means this play store will notify you to uninstall that app. So that your mobile will be safe in all situations.

Transfer Android To Android (By Third Apps)

There are many third-party apps to transfer Android to Android easy way. To do this we need an app to transfer. Many brands are giving their app for their mobile to transfer Android to Android for their brand’s mobile only.

These are some brands there are giving their apps to their customer. Samsung Smart Switch, LG Mobile Switch, Huawei Backup.

When we see at the third-party application there are some apps to do well in this. Let us see the app to transfer Android to Android transfer for all data including apps.

File Sharing Apps For Android

There are some file-sharing apps for Android that can transfer better in both Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android also. It can also share Android to Android and vice versa for iPhone. I will share below the best app lists.

  1. Share it.
  2. Zapya.
  3. Send Anywhere.

Many of them recommend additional apps I will not do that mistake because I saw one app performing malicious activity so I removed it from my list. So, Transfer your file safely.

Another way to transfer apps is to back up all apps in the form of apk and send them to the new mobile that’s not recommended because this process so long to do it. But now the app we can also back up the app and the app name is backup and restore. It can also share the app to google drive for restoring it on another device.

iPhone to Android Transfer

There is a big problem that many peoples are facing. I have a clear way how to do iPhone to Android transfers in an easy way. While buying a new iPhone it’s nice to see but while we are planning to shift the data may collapse.

You need the right way to do the iPhone to Android transfer files because if you do any mistake on this your file will be corrupted. I have shared the article on how to do iPhone to Android transfer in a safe way. If you need it to check and transfer your files in a smoother way.

Recover Care For Android

There is a possibility someone will delete the important file and search to recover it. To recover carefully we can use wonder share recover software because it is one of the best recovery tools for collecting deleted files.

Steps to get the software

  1. Go to the official website of wonder share filmora and sign in with your credentials.
  2. Download the software and install it.
  3. Buy the monthly premium to access the full feature of it.
  4. You are in to recover the file.

After setup all those things, if you are having children they will delete something on your device, which means it’s good to have a recycle bin for your mobile. There is a great app for recycling deleted files.

The app’s name is called dumpster. This app is in Play Store and available for both Android and IOS. If you need to make use of it.


In this article, you understand that Can I transfer data from an old phone after setup and how to transfer from Android to Android mobile phones step by step and also know knowledge of other transferring methods from Android to iPhone too. I hope this may help you if you have any questions please leave me a comment I will reply as soon as possible.

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