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Hey guys, I have created a free website for my friend Jancy and now she has customized it for collecting emails for retargeting by email marketing. The building site is easy in this process don’t worry I will tell you in detail.

You can build your website in an attractive design and from this website, you can also add custom domains using GoDaddy or some other platform.

Now I will share with you how to create a website in canva that can also collect emails of customers and you can get that email list in an Excel file. That will make your job so easy. You can also add those emails to your email marketing tool.

Building Site Using Canva

Building a site in canva is absolutely free to publish your site but the thing you need to notice is that before creating your site you want to create an attractive website design you should buy canva pro and which costs around $119 per year. Don’t worry I will tell you how to buy it at a cheap price.

To access canva pro the best way is to buy on Seotooladda. You can get free access and get canva pro at a cheap price. It is no problem where you are all over the world people are using this and getting benefits.

One of the important things is over that is canva pro now we will see how to build a Commercial website in an easy way. I am telling you that all can create your website in a free way so don’t miss it.

Commercial Website Creation by Canva

You don’t believe, Building a site for commercial use is almost many top creators doing the same process that we are going to do and add some more interesting features which make it different from other website creators.

When we planned to create a commercial website you make ready of those things like brand image, brand logo, and some images which you going to insert in your site.

Create your supporting images in canva itself and add them to a folder that will make to accessed when you build a site in canva.

Canva Webbuilding Design Templates

There are many free templates inbuild in the canva. You can use it otherwise if you want to use the premium template you can buy canva pro for the least price. After getting free access to canva pro you can get access to all premium features in canva.

While doing webbuilding you must know all features of the tool you using but here canva will make us do it in a simple and easy way. Anyone can create a design and launch their website in a few minutes.

Now let us see how the top creators are building sites using canva for their affiliate marketing and collecting their customer’s emails and retargeting them. Do you want to know the retargeting methods achiever used in their field?

Don’t worry I have posted the article about how to do retargeting by email marketing. Know the hidden secrets to earn more in affiliate marketing.


Commercial Website For Collecting Email

Now let us see the steps to create a commercial website design for both blogging and affiliate marketing. We can retarget them to get organic views when they like your content they will follow you on other social media.

Step-By-Step process to webbuilding

  1. Open the canva website or application and sign in to your account.
  2. Then search for the website in the search bar in canva.
  3. After that, select the template which you want and that is suitable for your site.
  4. If you want to create your own select a blank template and customize it.

Importing templates for canva sites

  1. When importing the template or blank template add the background color in the blank template suited for your brand color.
  2. Then customize the default template to a commercial website with your infographic images where saved before in the folder.
  3. After customization is completed tap on the publishing site.

Add your GoDaddy sites domain

  1. In this stage, you can add the custom domain to this site by clicking the existing domain.
  2. Select the surge URL related to the post or website builder up with canva.
  3. You can upload the favicon to your site on this page and also give the description of this site to understand search engines.
  4. You can also hide your site from search engines but don’t do that while crawling done by Google then only your site will be listed organically in the search results.
  5. After completing this process this is the time to publish your site with a single click on publish button.

3 page website

Collect Email For Target Email Marketing

Now all need is a lead generation landing page for collecting emails to target your customer. To collect your email in the free method many people will suggest the Google Form, yes Google Forms is one of the simplest ways to collect leads.

We can copy those leads in a single click and import them into the email marketing tool. So that your leads will get their email in automation way that will make your product sale when that product is needed by them.

This is the overall process to collect emails and to do target email marketing. Now let us see the way how to collect emails in Google Forms and make that google forms much better like professional ones.

Steps To Collect Email Leads In Google Form

After building a site in canva make a call to action button that will make visitors to customers so it is more important to insert a button in your site at the top of the page and bottom of your builder up site.

  • Go to the Google form site and sign in with your email address.
  • Then create a form with the questions you need.
  • Email address and name are mandatory.
  • After creating this form you can get the link to that form at the top. If you can’t get it please see this video it will be in detail and make it easy to get it.
  • You can also get to know how to create an attractive form in this video keep watching.
  • After getting that link to the form and you should paste it into the button on your site.
  • Now finally check it and publish it.
  • You may ask how to collect emails don’t worry in this video there will be a clear and shown in the detailed video for better understanding.


In this article, you will know how to create a landing page or website using canva and make it an attractive design. Also, you can get where to get canva pro at the least price and get free access.

I hope now you will know to build a site using canva. Hope this article will help you and if you have any doubts feel free to leave a comment I will reply as soon as possible.

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