Best High Refresh Rate Monitors For Gaming

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All gamers will plan to have the best gaming monitor for their streaming or gameplay. For that, they need to get high refresh rate monitors for gaming. While playing on a high refresh rate monitor you will not miss a minute or second of lagging. You will get the best experience by using it.

Then here I will provide the best gaming monitor In 1080p, 1440p, and 4k. These are the best monitor in 2023.

Gaming monitors are more complicated so we need to know the key factors of gaming monitors then only we can decide which monitor is the best in that budget range.

I have separated it into a few categories to analyze the key factors of gaming monitors. Let us see now.

How Do We Test Gaming Monitor

Here I have told about how I have tested these gaming monitors and separated them into categories so you can get clear information in detail.

high refresh rate monitors

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

There are three resolutions for the best gaming monitors for gamers. Which is 1080p, 1440p, and 4k. You can drop the resolution of the monitor by using some devices and software but cant is upscale the resolution.

There are three aspect ratios there are

  1. Widescreen (16:9).
  2. UltraWide Screen (21:9).
  3. Super UltraWide (32:9).

The console like Xbox Series X, Play Station 5, and Xbox Series S. These three will not support more games in ultra-wide and super ultra-wide screen monitors. Mostly it was customized for widescreen 16:9 games.

Some games are only there for both ultra-wide screen and super ultra-wide screen monitors. The ultra-wide monitors and super ultra-wide monitors are best for PC game monitors.

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Refresh Rates Of Gaming Monitor

While buying the gaming monitor in 2023 you need to know how many fps you need for gaming. This fps is decided by the refresh rates. Refresh rate is the process of how many times it will refresh the screen per second. This refresh rate was measured in Hertz or HZ.

high refresh rate monitors

For example, If you have a 60 Hz monitor means your monitor will produce 60 fps only. If you have a 144 Hz monitor means you can get up to 144 fps. Therefore fps is equal to Hz and 144 Hz is the maximum refresh rate in this monitor.

The most common gaming monitor refresh rate is 140 Hz to 170 Hz is commonly used. Some of the e-Sports gaming monitors are giving 360 Hz and a max of up to 540 Hz.

Pick Resolution & FPS

As you can see before some of the games will struggle to play and drop the frames which makes it irritating and can’t able to play the game. You noticed whether your graphics are suited for that game. You must know before what fps need for that game.

If you are going to create a youtube channel for gaming you need to plan before what games you are ready to stream and know about the requirements and fps that games need. So that we can plan for a PC build If needed.

4K Gaming Build

If you have planned to play AAA titles games in 4k means I will strongly be recommended to get a minimum GPU of Nvidia Geforce RTX 3070 or AMD RX 6800 and a higher version in AMD.

QHD Gaming Build

When you planned to buy a Qhd monitor I will strongly be recommended to buy an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 and higher and the AMD Radeon RX 6600 or higher is good for this resolution for gaming.

FHD 1080p Gaming Build

In this build, you can combine it with the AMD RX 570 and above. With this combination, you can perform well with minimal games.

Console Gamers

For the console that is capable of 1080p (FHD) and 1440p (QHD). But I will not be recommended 1440p for PS5 because of the lack of refresh rate in that resolution.

Both the Xbox series and PS5 are enough to perform in 4k 120 fps when paired with an HDMI 2.1 in gaming monitors. But I will not be recommended the Xbox series S.

high refresh rate monitors

The Response Time

The response time is nothing but in the pixels, the color changes from one form to another. Its call response time is measured in milliseconds.

There is more importance when choosing the gaming monitor the response time should be low because of how much it lows the value in milliseconds the monitor will perform well and get without and lacks during gameplay.

Many manufacturers will be listed in the box as one (1) milliseconds but the real value is not that. You can get the real value in the review test of some tech channels on youtube.

Monitor Panel Types

There are four-panel types in the monitor I have listed below and told which is a good and well performs monitor for gameplay.

  1. TN
  2. VA
  3. IPS
  4. OLED

These are the 4 panels that are used to build the monitor screen. Now let us see some of the information about the panel.

TN Panels

It is an older technology no brands are using now but it has a fast refresh rate in the image quality is worst for gameplay.

VA & IPS Panels

Most brands are widely used VA and IPS displays because it is cheap compared to OLED. But we should know the benefits of both panels.

The VA panels have great contrast and black uniformity and on the other side IPS display has greater viewing angles that can see in 180-degree view and has good colors that enhance the colors. VA panels are used in curved monitors and IPS is used in Flat monitors.

OLED Monitors

The OLED monitors in the market are more expensive than others because of the quality of infinite contrast and virtually instantaneous and have support for HDR gaming. That will make your gaming experience like the real world.

Some months before the OLED monitor occurs some issues like burning and text clarity and constant dimming. But now they fixed all the issues faced before and get updated on their products in 2023.

If you are okay with spending more on gaming monitors go for OLED it is worth buying for your money.

Gaming Console

For the console gamers in the Xbox series X and Xbox series S, The best buy is the 4k HDMI 2.1 monitor because it supports their own version of vrr standards.

Play station 5 support 1080p and 4k, gaming monitor. So, I don’t suggest you to but the 1440p monitor for ps5.

Display For Professional

Most people use curved displays for gaming but the curved display is built for professional use for editing and some desktop usage. So make a clear understanding of what purpose you need a high refresh rate monitor.

High Refresh Rate Monitors In 1080p

Acer XV270, Asus Tuf, and Samsung Odyssey.

1440p High Refresh Rate Monitors

Gigabyte, Samsung G7, and Asus ROG.


high refresh rate monitors

Best UltraWide Monitor

Samsung G9.

4k Gaming Monitor

Samsung Neo G8.

Best 4k OLED Monitor

The best Oled monitor for gaming is LG C2.


In this article, you can get the high refresh rate monitors and also in each segment. Know your gaming requirements and then select the gaming monitor. Then only you will fulfill your gaming experience. I hope this article will know how to select and choose a gaming monitor. If you have any doubts leave me a comment below so that I can reply to you soon as possible.

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