Best Camera Apps For Android Phones 2023

Best Camera Apps For Android

This year these are the best camera apps for android phones that we checked in the top camera apps from the google play store. You can see the common app’s names as a pro camera but inside that, there is nothing to customize while taking videos and photos.

So, we researched the top and latest best camera apps for android phones. After reading this article you can get to know how to take cinematic photos and videos which will get more likes on Facebook or Instagram.

the Best Camera Apps For Android

Where To Get This App

In the google play store I have seen many apps and very difficult to filter those apps to find the best one. Finally, I got to the best camera apps for android there having all the features which I expected in the camera app.

I am sure these apps will not disappoint you after using them. You can use these apps to take cinematic photos and videos. and also for youtube videos. It will perform well as you expect.

Note: While taking the cinematic videos and youtube video make use of tripod it will give you the best output without any camera shacks.

If you need a good tripod we are here to research deeply to get the right products. If you need a comment below we will help you.

In these pro cameras, apps will be like dslr like customizing the shutter speed, Iso, Aperture, and white balance and you can able to unlock many features that may enhance your picture quality.

The Best App For Camera Android

At last, time to reveal the best camera apps for android phones. After many filtrations I have come up with three apps there are

  1. Protake.
  2. Filmic Pro.
  3. Open Camera.

These camera apps will be in the google play store itself. Don’t install from other sites it may contain malware in the app.

best camera app for android free

If you want to take the best pictures like taking in a stock camera the best solution is an open camera application. In this app, only all the features are free to use. This will make you keep the accurate value in aperture, iso, and shutter speed.

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Protake Cinema Camera App

Protake is also a great app with a simple and user-friendly interface. So, It makes access easy and many tools like changing the resolution, seeing the histogram, and also you can change to portrait when you need.

You can also enable and have access to many features on the home screen of this application itself. The main thing we do go for third-party applications is to get pro mod right. You can change the auto mode to pro mode with a single tap on the home screen.

White Balance Camera

Every time when we shoot there will be a change in white balance we set it with grey a card or custom settings. Here also set it with a suitable white balance which makes the picture natural and will enhance the quality of your youtube video or something else.

White Balance Camera

Next Level Audio

The important thing in video editing is white balance and audio quality. These two things only will give the experience to users. We must check the audio level while exporting.

Many apps will restrict the audio level to a certain limit but in this application, you can set your crispy audio which is suitable for your video.

True Value Hardware

In the protake cinema camera app there is hardware support that can increase your quality of video output. The hardware supports to this protake cinema camera app are zhiyun gimbal, anamorphic lens 1.33x, anamorphic lens 1.55x lens, DOF adaptors, Protake focus, Reverse wheel direction, etc.

Pricing for Subscription

When comes to pricing the protake cinema camera app will price for the subscription in 1st year 13.99$ and in the following years will be 19.99$. There is a good thing to be noticed in this situation you can use this subscription on three devices.

If you are using an iPhone you may come with advanced and additional features in iPhone. If you are searching for a more professional application. Filmic Pro will make you satisfied with the bundle of features hiding in it.

Filmic Pro Apk

If you doing a documentary this filmic pro apk is the best one to do. Why? By seeing the features of the protake app many people will use that one for making good videos. In this filmic pro apk, you will get a bunch of extra features inbuild into this application.

If you are doing a documentary this is the right one and you are a vlogger or taking youtube videos this will give you awesome output.

Filmic Pro Apk

Pricing Of Filmic Pro

The filmic pro pricing is the best one I will say because you are a creator who needs to have a professional app on your device compared to the other two apps protake and open camera. Filmic Pro is having advance level features that you really need.

I will agree it is not free it has a subscription for weekly or yearly. But the real thing you need to notice is you are not spending on unwanted things you are investing in editing tools for your videos.

The price of the subscription comes in two types. Weekly and yearly subscriptions I will suggest you for years if you need them and if you have to work on a professional tool. It is completely your choice. Yearly their pricing for 14.99 dollars.


If you are a beginner you can’t invest in a tool open camera is best for you. It is also able to take pictures and can able to enable some important features. It is ok to invest in a tool but I’m not a professional you can go for a protake cinema camera app.

For beginner to Intermediate, you can choose the protake cinema camera app. When you need to be like a professional surely go to filmic pro apk this will do all the work for taking awesome images and videos. If you need the best professional camera for taking shoots I have posted an article check it out.

These are the three best camera apps for Android phones. I hope this article will get to know the right app for your usage. If you have any doubt leave me a comment I will reply soon as possible.

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